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The Mis-Education of The Bible: Negroland

Is Jesus Black 1

The term ‘mis-education’ has been tossed around since the days of the historical, intellectual, brilliancy of  Carter G. Woodson, right down to the contemporary musical genius of Lauryn Hill. The American Negro has been constantly catching up with his undiscovered past and hidden heritage concealed by white and black religious authority. This is why there is no comprehensive study about the American Negro at your prominent, prestigious, theological seminary; except for how missionaries and abolitionist rescued and fought for American blacks emancipation. Nevertheless, white theologians have yet to discuss not only the history of the black church, but the cultural importance; the historical ‘black’ significance detailed in the scriptures; and the rise and fall of this social institution. The white Jesus template only did nothing but reinforce a white superiority construct; which still remains in the psyche of many African-American parishioners

For those of the contrary who may say it’s not the white man’s job to disseminate information about the black church, it’s culture and history; then for heaven’s sake why do they do such a good job of discarding it?  How come even in Hollywood , when they make a biblical theatrical release, the characters doesn’t reflect the persons in the bible? How many times will the Moses character be played by a white man? I’m not even going to go there with the “bleaching” of the Christ roles throughout the years. At any rate, just the mere mentioning of a ‘colored’ biblical character especially the person of Christ, will get side-eyes, stares, even some Florida Evans Negro, confronting you like you’re a disgrace to the blind religious ancestors.

I’m posting this sermon because it is critical that black people wake up. I wasn’t one to claim the Hebrew heritage, but it is becoming increasing important that many of us discover who we are–or at least might be–as a people. No, I don’t believe that being Hebrew will ultimately save you in the context of salvation; however, to know that you might belong to an ancestry which has a book/religion that contains the most controversial figure in modern times–Jesus–just cannot be simply ignored. I challenge you to watch this video by Pastor Stephen Darby from Destined Ministries and let me know what you think; and if you’re mind has been changed from this so-called ‘white man’s religion.’ Be on the lookout for many more blogs/articles I will be writing to debunk this faulty assimilation about the bible, the white man, and the American Negro.

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