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Last Thoughts On The Kalief Browder Situation…


Hmm..where are the protest black America? Why hasn’t this been a trendy topic on so-called black twitter? Every black person should of had a moment of silence held for this young man, but nooo. We rather worry about white cops and yell “hands up, don’t shoot,” make stupid Vine and World Star videos; videos of which we’re usually assaulting one another btw; and follow mindless celebrities so we can create stupid hashtag’s for. It’s like, ever since the death of Trayvon Martin, black people have forgotten how to deal with police. It’s like you forget that we, scratch that, black BOYS AND BLACK MEN, are the targets of these so-called “race soldiers.” Yet, we want to talk back, be disrespectful, and act uncivilized whenever we encounter them [police]. This is not to say that there’s not crooked cops out there because the Eric Garner situation proved that. So while we’re trying to hunt down so-called racist cops, our communities are in shambles. You had residents in Baltimore hold picnics and barbecues to honor Freddie Gray, yet their city is experiencing the highest murder rate in years (over 40 homicides since Gray’s death). Keep thinking police should hold you to higher level of civility when we as a people can’t even be civil with one another.#RIPKALIEFBROWDER