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Kim Burrell: “That’s the Way ‘Love’ Goes” (Controversy)



I guess the word ‘love’ continues to evolve unlike the theory of evolution these days as singer-songwriter Kim Burrell continues to catch heat over a sermon she delivered over a week ago. According to our liberal (communist) media, the expression of love must mean that you have to be inclusive and intolerable not only to one’s feelings, but to one’s personal lifestyle, identity, or sexual orientation. Having a personal opinion, preference, or conviction which is contrary to the “new normal” you are immediately labeled a social pariah, a hatemonger, and my least favorite-favorite imaginary derogatory term: a “homophobe”. This is precisely what has happened to the gospel legend Burrell, who should know a thing or two about ‘love’ considering she leads a very “progressive” ministry called “Love & Liberty Fellowship Church, where she serves as an Eldress/Overseer-Bishop. Burrell makes no apologies in her sermon where she preached on the “perverted sexual spirit”, which is pervasive and prominent in many African-American churches. Another gospel great, Pastor Shirley Caesar, initially supported Burrell in a video by saying, “You should have said something four years ago when our President made it alright.” However, once her comments were made public she too felt the inescapable wrath of LGBT minions labeling the “Queen of Gospel music” a homophobic bigot as well.  The 78-year-old gospel icon whose career has spanned six decades, issued an apology during a recorded segment with Bishop George Bloomer. To be honest, the apology from the visibly shaken Caesar sounded like more like damage control to save what’s left of her legendary career. I guess that’s the way love goes.

The Burrell controversy has come at a price for the 44-year-old songstress. After having her invitation from The Ellen DeGeneres Show rescinded by DeGeneres on social media herself, Burrell also lost her radio show with Texas Southern University called “Bridging The Gap with Kim Burrell,” and was removed as a honoree from BMI’s Trailblazers of Gospel Music event. Actress-comedian and star of “Almost Christmas”, Monique, offered her two cents when she weighed in on the topic on her periscope radio show called “Monique and Sidney’s Open Relationship.” The Academy-Award winner told her viewers to focus their energy on fighting for what matters per the Huffington Post:

“It’s almost laughable, because you’re saying that in 2017, we are still dealing with people taking issue with people being who they were born to be, who they choose to be,” she said, then addressing people who mask their anti-gay bigotry with religious rhetoric. “People are still taking issue with the cloak of, ’I am a warrior for Jesus and I must fight for Jesus and stop all you fags and dykes before y’all get condemned to hell.’”

I guess this is the comedian’s attempt to get back into the good graces of Hollyweird after claiming to be “back-balled” following her Oscar winning performance in the movie “Precious.” Whatever her motive is, I think her and Burrell’s detractors are missing the point. Burrell (and Pastor Caesar until she retracted) made their comments in front of a community of believers who share Kim’s same Christian beliefs. Her sermon was done in front of her congregation addressing pertinent issues within the church (body of Christ) as a whole. As Burrell stated in her apology video, “sin and whatever falls under the category of sin, was preached.” Yet, because of some unscrupulous, unsuspecting, member/guest recorded a two-minute snippet of Burrell passionately denouncing what she calls “the spirit of delusion and confusion,” has been appropriated with her spewing hate? Don’t get me wrong, the black church has sometimes played a debaucherous and hypocritical role when dealing with those in the LGBT community. Often prostituting their gifts and talents for fanfare during praise and worship services; only to turn around and excoriate them with the bible as well. It makes you wonder with the entire backlash and “bullying” Burrell is receiving (yes I said bullying), what would her dear friend who chose Kim as a spiritual adviser, the late Whitney Houston, think about all of this? Maybe that’s part of the problem.

“The Eldress-Bishop” has always been known in the church world for her incredible musical talents and gifting’s, but she also wasn’t pigeon-holed into your typical “gospel-singer” as she has worked and performed with what the church calls “secular” acts. Burrell recently lent her vocals to the song, “Godspeed” from R&B recording artist (and openly gay) Frank Ocean’s chart-topping, “Blonde” album. Needless to say, once Burrell’s controversial sermon was released, Ocean’s mother (Katonya Breaux Riley) was not amused, taking her thoughts to social media:


Burrell, like so many other Christian ministers and artists, have become so enamored with the celeb-reality culture that too often their faith becomes compromised when it pertains to certain social-political issues. Not to be preachy, but this society will only tolerate a “social gospel” which is according to gotquestions.org is: Christian ethics to social problems such as poverty, slums, poor nutrition and education, alcoholism, crime, and war. These things are emphasized while the doctrines of sin, salvation, heaven and hell, and the future kingdom of God are downplayed. So no matter how many celebrities Burrell and others like her can befriend in the industry, if you’re not willing to play the “go-a-long, to-get-a-long,” game than your career will be shutdown. Considering how political correctness runs amok in media and entertainment, there is absolutely no way you can hold on to a sound biblical worldview and remain spotless in the eyes of men. It’s like oil and water, the two just don’t mix! Anyways, Burrell has maintained her position so far even telling her followers during her apology (but not sorry) video that, “I talk to the spirit of that thing, and I won’t take it back.”

Disagreement shouldn’t be the new “hate speech” people. Peace and love y’all!