“Gay is not only the ‘New Black,’ it has become the New Black Male”


There has always been a political agenda or push, to have the gay rights movement be parallel to the civil rights struggle endured by African-Americans. Second Wave feminism lead by Gloria Steinem and misandry-minded lesbians, tried to extend women’s liberation by subtly co-opting the black struggle; while at the same time, seducing many African-American women through their doctrine of liberation from the perceived oppression of authoritative male patriarchy. After failed attempts by white lesbian feminists, the LGBT community started to steer its focus towards the black community NOT because they had an invested in blacks, but because of the election of president Barack Obama; who was originally was opposed to gay marriage, became its political ambassador for LGBT rights. As an end result, “gay is the new black,” started being promoted by gay black activists, many of whom are associated with liberal media publications such as the Huffington Post. Now this leads to me to an article I wrote last year about there being an ominous plot to effeminize the black man called “Why Black Man, Why?” In the article I detailed how the media is promoting a gender-less, integrated, black man, who will do whatever he’s told just to fit in. However, with the arrival of Oxygen’s new show called “The Prancing Elites,” which aired this past Wednesday night, it’s apparent black men aren’t just trying to “fit in” anymore; they’re being GLAADly accepted. I guess I should tell you that the docu-series centers on (get this) a “gender non-conforming” dance group trying to break societal barriers in the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams of being dancers; but there’s a bigger agenda going on here. .
Now, before you start with all of the rhetoric about me being homophobic, closed-minded, you know the typical LGBT advocate talking points; I have a problem with a powerful black woman, Oprah Winfrey, co-signing this show. In my humble opinion, this is a direct affront to African-American women, who I’m sure makes up a certain percentage of Oxygen’s and Ms. Winfrey’s audience & viewership, as well as African-American men in general. To make matters worse, you have Real House Wives of Atlanta star, Nene Leaks, affirm these young men by proclaiming these guys are “strong young men.” Another issue or shall I say tactic, which is being used in this docu-series propaganda, is the leftist favorite maneuver called “sympathy through victimization.” I know, I know, what you’re thinking “how can you say something like that?” Well, it’s quiet easy because it has become a staple in the whole gay rights/feminist agenda lately; which coincidentally becomes a shaming tactic toward anyone who speaks up or has an opinion about the movement[s]. To be clear, this not to cast aspersions or demean the young men on the show; however, when network execs are promoting a gender-confusing, gender-attacking, affront aimed at black masculinity—at the expense of manipulating your feelings—I have a problem.


Changing gears a little to a subculture that, like Common said “I used to H.E.R,” called hip-hop; there was a poorly promoted album release by hip-hop’s own Omar Little, aka Young Thug, called Barter 6. Known for the hits “Stoner” and “Lifestyle,” Thugger’s album is expected to be in the top 10 in records sold, but as of today, Thugger’s totals are at dismal 19,000 according to Allhiphop.com. For real, let’s breathe and stop because I’m not here to critique Thugger’s album sales nor his artistic style. However, I am here to speak on his significance as far as imagery which is contributing to the detriment in the destruction of the black masculine image. Born Jeffery Williams in Atlanta, Ga; the second youngest of 10 children, Young Thug has managed to essentially build his mystique out of controversy, suspect stunts, and of course his questionable lyrics in music. The rapper known for saying it’s not a rapper’s/entertainers place to speak in regards to social issues, has himself become a new age, quasi-relic, social media, phenomenon. His Instagram following is an impressive 1.1 million while his Twitter following lags a steady total at 345K (thousand). Thug’s success or notoriety, has many come his intrigue, mysteriousness, and his eccentric personality which has kept his audience (and his critics) guessing; which goes far beyond his talent as a musician. If you were to Google Young Thugger, you find countless videos, interviewers, and photos of him calling other young men (specifically rapper Rich Homie Quan) his lover’s, his bae’s, and his hubbies? Not to mention his televised appearances (whether video or otherwise) where he’s been shown twerking and having his finger nails polished on camera; clothed in metrosexual/feminize attire such as leggings, skirts, and dresses. In fact, the only feminine attire you haven’t seen the Thugger adorn (yet) is the very leotards found on the legs of the Prancing Elites! Nevertheless, the brainwashed, new- age, millennial-zombies, will try and shame me by saying, “what man worries about how another man is dressed?” My riposte to that would a) get your mind out of the gutter and b) what you wear says a whole lot about you. Thugger’s image (as well as his name YOUNG THUG) gives credence to the already negative, stereotypical, view our society has towards young black men. Now, however, Thugger’s image and actions create a gender-confused, effeminate, hyper-sexualized, male—and by the way, he’s a hyper-masculine thug. Far too often in the black community, the “thug” in both image and reality, becomes a young black male’s only idea of what manhood and masculinity really is; albeit far from the truth. As Lord Jamar stated in an interview with Vlad Tv in May of 2014:

“The more you effeminate yourself, the more you’re [subconsciously] going to want to prove that you’re masculine.”
-Lord Jamar on “Young Thug” Vlad TV, 5/14


Moreover, we must understand that hip-hop is no longer just a voice for the youth, it’s also has become its illegitimate father as well; this is essentially true when it comes to African-Americans. The affirmation, identity, and purpose that many youth try to find through hip-hop, a great deal of that should be instilled directly from the parent who’s unfortunately most often absent—the father. With that being said, another troubling situation has been brewing in our nation’s capital for quite some time now; and no I’m not talking about taxes. There is a youth gang who goes by the name of Check It. This isn’t your typical crips, bloods, or vice lords, in fact, the running joke could be that Mr. Thugger himself just might be an unofficial member in this new “street gang.” The Check It gang consists of over 200 gay and transgender young black males living in the impoverished neighborhoods of Washington, DC, where their only forms of survival against the constant threat of bullying and oppression, is to band together against it. This gang, out of sheer coincidence I assure you, just so happened to draw the attention of filmmakers Dana Flor and Toby Oppenheimer, who not only set up an Indiegogo account, but has more than raised their goal of $60,000 thousand dollars. Currently, they’re sitting at $63,385. Here’s an excerpt from Check Its Indiegogo account:

“CHECK IT is a feature–length documentary about a gay African American gang struggling to survive in one of Washington D.C.’s most violent neighborhoods. It is an intimate portrait of 5 childhood friends as they claw their way out of gang life through an unlikely avenue–fashion.”

For information about the upcoming documentary for Check It, you can click here

So what’s my issue with young black males between the ages of 14-22, coming together to defend themselves? Nothing; however, I do have a problem with our liberal media doing what the late comedian Bernie Mac would call, “putting $100 on $10.” Although the Original Kings of Comedy legend used the term to exaggerate a story told through humor, Check It will be used or rather exaggerated, as an in-depth look at the violence, discrimination and oppression faced by those in the transgender/gay community as a whole; regardless of race. Now this is not to say there isn’t any truth to the violence and oppression that exists within the gay community. But with Check It, you have inner city youth living in one of the most penurious sections of the D.C. (Ward 8) area, which has for several decades been a hotbed for violence, high rates in unemployment, HIV/AIDS, imprisonment (all topics included this documentary) regardless of anyone’s sexual orientation. Also, I wonder if they’re going to tackle the alleged unreported same-sex domestic violence which exists within the Check It–and the gay community in general. So I guess black lives matter as long as it fits the political narrative, right? Remember, we’re talking about less than 3 percent of the nation identifies as being gay, lesbian or bisexual.
As we turn the page of what is considered the “New Black,” do not be surprised if we start seeing gay black men as the new face of reality tv as well. Think about it. They have been known to be overly dramatic, overtly attitudinal, extremely sensitive, and at times, unapologetically entertaining. These same “traits” have made black women, such as Nene Leaks, the reality television stars they are today. As far as for Ms. Winfrey and her Oxygen network, don’t hold your breath because none of these so-called “black” media publications will call her out for this; in fact, they’re stalwart supporters. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC’s Scandal star, Kerry Washington, makes an appearance on the “Elites” show, or publically promotes the Check It project. I mean you do know she’s being used to further push this agenda for gay rights, right? Just another puppet being used to make the black community acknowledges its guilt or homophobia, if we don’t side with this damnable, communist, agenda. So while the future of the black male image gets categorized into two extremes: one being the flamboyant, flashy, homosexual; and the other being the emasculated yet hyper-masculine thug, the potential promise of the re-building of black family, remains anything but a wish.


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