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Why Pastor Jamal Bryant Didn’t Listen To Chris Brown

Nearly two years ago next month, the black church and various other media outlets and blogs couldn’t wait to dispel the latest sentiments from a message involving mega church Pastor Jamal Bryant. Bryant, who’s certainly no stranger when it comes to controversy both in and outside of the pulpit, received an enormous amount of scrutiny and public backlash when he preached a sermon that contained a line from current R&B bad boy Chris Brown and his latest song at that time, “These H**s [Girls] Ain’t Loyal.” Seems like the mega church Pastor can’t leave these ‘girls’ alone as yet another woman has come forward alleging Bryant is the father of her newborn son. According to reports from The Christian Times, the child’s mother, Latoya Shawntee Odom, a 34-year old Californian massage therapist, bare it all to Obnoxious Television through a series of text messages that she had a sexual relationship with the popular pastor and gave birth to his son, who she named John Karston Bryant, in July 2015. The woman also freely and willingly provided Obnoxious Media a copy of the paternity tests that Bryant has requested and paid for. The test was carried out by LB Genetics, one of the most trusted DNA testing facilities in California among U.S. federal courts. The facility specializes in paternity, family relationship, and human identification testing. Test results sent to Odom showed that Bryant is 99.9999% to the 10-month-old boy.

The founder of Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Church and son of Bishop John Richard Bryant, the charismatic pastor have undergone several scandals involving women before which eventually lead to the divorce of his now estranged wife, Gizelle Bryant, back in 2008. Bryant appeared to show a level of contrition and sincerity in an interview he did with Roland Martin entitled, Drama in the Church: Temptation Ended His Marriage, Nearly Destroyed the Ministry of Pastor Bryant. In the candid 2013 interview, the then rejuvenated reverend spoke about how God restored his ministry after an extramarital affair nearly tore it apart. As Bryant explains:

“My father [Roland] asked me a critical question: ‘Were you preaching for applause? If you were preaching for applause and the people—it was a performance. But if you preaching because of your calling—your assignment; the same passion you had when there was thousands; is the same kind of intention now that you got to have now there’s been reduced to hundreds’” (…)

Since the interview, Bryant was again catapulted to the spotlight and appeared on numerous nationally syndicated platforms, reality shows as a spiritual adviser, mentor, and recently as a prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter movement. Just last month, Rev. Bryant held a peace march which signaled the one-year anniversary death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, and the civil unrest that transpired. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Bryant left an online message asking those listening to invite as many people as possible, and to come from all across the region. Bryant further stated:

“Come in from D.C., from Virginia, from Delaware, from Philadelphia, from New York. Come on y’all. Stand with Baltimore. Let’s make a change. Let’s change this city. Let’s change the narrative. Let’s change a generation.”

Now with this latest scandal being added to his philanderous belt, reports have also surfaced that Mr. ‘Black Lives Matter’ Bryant also pressured Ms. Odom to have an abortion because his career—I mean ministry, couldn’t sustain another devastating blow. The tumultuous timing couldn’t have come at a more celebratory time in Bryant’s life as he and several others who I call, ‘motivational ministers’, are set to star in an upcoming show called, The Preachers.


It will be interesting to see how Bryant’s church and those in the clerical hierarchy handle or discipline the reverend this time (if at all) due to his ‘celebrity’ status. Among a plethora of issues which reside in the Negro church, the ongoing lax of church discipline when it comes to certain leaders (mostly males) is staggering. Whereas if this had of been a woman caught ‘hoeing it up’ in like manner, not only would she had been told to step down, but she would have been ostracized in front of that congregation and told to leave the ministry. The double standard is indeed frightening when it comes to these popular ministers who, no matter what they do, people will claim they have been called of God and will tell you to keep your mouth off the manned or woman of Gawd (you know, the whole touch not my anointed scripture). It truly baffles my mind because you would think if this pastor was bold enough to recite some Chris Brown’s lyrics in his sermon, at the very least you would think he’d watched himself in this current “exposure” culture. No, I’m not excusing passa Bryant for his continuous indiscretions out of the pulpit. As the saying goes, ‘What’s done in the dark will eventually come to the light,’ even if that light is for attention that could pay dividends that  includes a reality show—which leads me to Latoya Odom. I find it strange that Bryant’s massage mistress would come forward with this (not surprisingly) bombshell against him even though he’s supporting their lovechild financially. The DNA test as reported and leaked by Ms. Odom herself was done last year in August according to Obnoxious Television’s blog. I guess she wants to put it all out there and not look like the typical church jump off, but to become transparent with her future audience because after all, she’s studying to become, you guessed it—a pastor herself. I guess this trial or test will become a testimony for either Bryant or Odom as well. The only surprise is who will regurgitate that line first between the two.

Peace and love y’all!

Raven Symone Said What?! (Again)

THE VIEW - Cristela Alonzo (ABC's

Once again the Negro community is up in arms about the recent comments made by the eccentric former child star Raven Symone. In a segment on the barely watchable show called The View, Symone did what she shouldn’t have done (give her opinion) about a list of “ghetto names” and since the taping there’s been a fury in black community ever since. To be fair, the non-black, black woman actress has been making headlines since arrival on the show from making outlandish comments referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as an animal, Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the U.S. currency, and she doesn’t want to be labeled gay, lesbian or as an African-American. Symone, who is approaching her 30’s, has decided to align herself with the new-age, millennial crowd which consists of cultural-Marxists ideas and beliefs in pursuit of a better America where racism, sexism, and classism no longer exists. Negro, please. In this latest episode of quote the Raven nevermore, Symone explains why she wouldn’t hire someone with the name “Watermelondrea.”

The media backlash got so bad (mainly from Twitter) that her father Christopher B. Pearman, decided to come to his daughters defense. Here is an open letter from his Facebook page:

To My Dear Friends,

There has been much talk today about my daughters comments on her show The View. People have been hitting me up all night questioning me about her remarks. Let me say this……I haven’t managed Ravens career in over 10 years. This woman is grown, has her own management team, has her own opinions, right or wrong, and is responsible for her own words and actions. A woman wrote to me tonight and said she couldn’t support my book because of the words of my daughter. What she fails to realize is that my book is about teaching your child to believe and achieve. Raven has achieved incredible success, and this cannot be denied!

Children grow up and become influenced by many things, situations and people. I certainly don’t agree with what she said….but she is damn near thirty years old. She’s a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes. We all have been guilty of this.

I did my best as her father, mentor and career manager. I believe I did a Wonderful job. Aside from this inexcusable gaffe, her 29 years in the entertainment industry has been quite successful, for there have been only an Elite Few Child Stars to last this long and have little to no controversy. For this, I am Very Proud!

Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being.I should know. Her Mother and I Love her Very much and will always support her and have her back. Even if sometimes……….she says some dumb S#%T!

To see Raven and our families story go to:

Since the ‘gaffe’ remarks made by the former Cheetah Girls star; Symone has since recanted in a statement saying her “comment was made in poor taste; and she’s an equal opportunity employer and has never discriminated against anyone.” Okay black America, lend me your ears. Although what Raven said was indeed in poor taste, but how many quote on quote ‘ghetto’ names do we come across on the regular? How many Laquandra’s, Shaquilia’s, or Negroes named after automobiles (Lexus, Mercedes) have you encountered and immediately though to yourself, “These parents are taking this name creativity way too far.” We laughed and made Sha Nay Nay (played by Martin Lawrence) famous. It was nearly two years ago when a fight video went viral with the name ‘Sharkeisha No,’ from an actual girl named Sharkeisha (Shark+eisha)!“>

While I’m sure Raven Symone has beyond earned her first class ticket abroad the fictitious ‘Coon Train’;(according to y’all) however, what she said about ghetto names wasn’t too far off. I get the fact that no one should discriminate against anyone based on their name; however, in reality it happens more often than we realize. In addition, your name says a lot about you so when it comes to naming your children, Leslie sounds a whole lot better than LeShaniqua. One means “devoted to God” and the other means, well, you get my point. Peace and love y’all.

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“Gay is not only the ‘New Black,’ it has become the New Black Male”


There has always been a political agenda or push, to have the gay rights movement be parallel to the civil rights struggle endured by African-Americans. Second Wave feminism lead by Gloria Steinem and misandry-minded lesbians, tried to extend women’s liberation by subtly co-opting the black struggle; while at the same time, seducing many African-American women through their doctrine of liberation from the perceived oppression of authoritative male patriarchy. After failed attempts by white lesbian feminists, the LGBT community started to steer its focus towards the black community NOT because they had an invested in blacks, but because of the election of president Barack Obama; who was originally was opposed to gay marriage, became its political ambassador for LGBT rights. As an end result, “gay is the new black,” started being promoted by gay black activists, many of whom are associated with liberal media publications such as the Huffington Post. Now this leads to me to an article I wrote last year about there being an ominous plot to effeminize the black man called “Why Black Man, Why?” In the article I detailed how the media is promoting a gender-less, integrated, black man, who will do whatever he’s told just to fit in. However, with the arrival of Oxygen’s new show called “The Prancing Elites,” which aired this past Wednesday night, it’s apparent black men aren’t just trying to “fit in” anymore; they’re being GLAADly accepted. I guess I should tell you that the docu-series centers on (get this) a “gender non-conforming” dance group trying to break societal barriers in the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams of being dancers; but there’s a bigger agenda going on here. .
Now, before you start with all of the rhetoric about me being homophobic, closed-minded, you know the typical LGBT advocate talking points; I have a problem with a powerful black woman, Oprah Winfrey, co-signing this show. In my humble opinion, this is a direct affront to African-American women, who I’m sure makes up a certain percentage of Oxygen’s and Ms. Winfrey’s audience & viewership, as well as African-American men in general. To make matters worse, you have Real House Wives of Atlanta star, Nene Leaks, affirm these young men by proclaiming these guys are “strong young men.” Another issue or shall I say tactic, which is being used in this docu-series propaganda, is the leftist favorite maneuver called “sympathy through victimization.” I know, I know, what you’re thinking “how can you say something like that?” Well, it’s quiet easy because it has become a staple in the whole gay rights/feminist agenda lately; which coincidentally becomes a shaming tactic toward anyone who speaks up or has an opinion about the movement[s]. To be clear, this not to cast aspersions or demean the young men on the show; however, when network execs are promoting a gender-confusing, gender-attacking, affront aimed at black masculinity—at the expense of manipulating your feelings—I have a problem.


Changing gears a little to a subculture that, like Common said “I used to H.E.R,” called hip-hop; there was a poorly promoted album release by hip-hop’s own Omar Little, aka Young Thug, called Barter 6. Known for the hits “Stoner” and “Lifestyle,” Thugger’s album is expected to be in the top 10 in records sold, but as of today, Thugger’s totals are at dismal 19,000 according to For real, let’s breathe and stop because I’m not here to critique Thugger’s album sales nor his artistic style. However, I am here to speak on his significance as far as imagery which is contributing to the detriment in the destruction of the black masculine image. Born Jeffery Williams in Atlanta, Ga; the second youngest of 10 children, Young Thug has managed to essentially build his mystique out of controversy, suspect stunts, and of course his questionable lyrics in music. The rapper known for saying it’s not a rapper’s/entertainers place to speak in regards to social issues, has himself become a new age, quasi-relic, social media, phenomenon. His Instagram following is an impressive 1.1 million while his Twitter following lags a steady total at 345K (thousand). Thug’s success or notoriety, has many come his intrigue, mysteriousness, and his eccentric personality which has kept his audience (and his critics) guessing; which goes far beyond his talent as a musician. If you were to Google Young Thugger, you find countless videos, interviewers, and photos of him calling other young men (specifically rapper Rich Homie Quan) his lover’s, his bae’s, and his hubbies? Not to mention his televised appearances (whether video or otherwise) where he’s been shown twerking and having his finger nails polished on camera; clothed in metrosexual/feminize attire such as leggings, skirts, and dresses. In fact, the only feminine attire you haven’t seen the Thugger adorn (yet) is the very leotards found on the legs of the Prancing Elites! Nevertheless, the brainwashed, new- age, millennial-zombies, will try and shame me by saying, “what man worries about how another man is dressed?” My riposte to that would a) get your mind out of the gutter and b) what you wear says a whole lot about you. Thugger’s image (as well as his name YOUNG THUG) gives credence to the already negative, stereotypical, view our society has towards young black men. Now, however, Thugger’s image and actions create a gender-confused, effeminate, hyper-sexualized, male—and by the way, he’s a hyper-masculine thug. Far too often in the black community, the “thug” in both image and reality, becomes a young black male’s only idea of what manhood and masculinity really is; albeit far from the truth. As Lord Jamar stated in an interview with Vlad Tv in May of 2014:

“The more you effeminate yourself, the more you’re [subconsciously] going to want to prove that you’re masculine.”
-Lord Jamar on “Young Thug” Vlad TV, 5/14


Moreover, we must understand that hip-hop is no longer just a voice for the youth, it’s also has become its illegitimate father as well; this is essentially true when it comes to African-Americans. The affirmation, identity, and purpose that many youth try to find through hip-hop, a great deal of that should be instilled directly from the parent who’s unfortunately most often absent—the father. With that being said, another troubling situation has been brewing in our nation’s capital for quite some time now; and no I’m not talking about taxes. There is a youth gang who goes by the name of Check It. This isn’t your typical crips, bloods, or vice lords, in fact, the running joke could be that Mr. Thugger himself just might be an unofficial member in this new “street gang.” The Check It gang consists of over 200 gay and transgender young black males living in the impoverished neighborhoods of Washington, DC, where their only forms of survival against the constant threat of bullying and oppression, is to band together against it. This gang, out of sheer coincidence I assure you, just so happened to draw the attention of filmmakers Dana Flor and Toby Oppenheimer, who not only set up an Indiegogo account, but has more than raised their goal of $60,000 thousand dollars. Currently, they’re sitting at $63,385. Here’s an excerpt from Check Its Indiegogo account:

“CHECK IT is a feature–length documentary about a gay African American gang struggling to survive in one of Washington D.C.’s most violent neighborhoods. It is an intimate portrait of 5 childhood friends as they claw their way out of gang life through an unlikely avenue–fashion.”

For information about the upcoming documentary for Check It, you can click here

So what’s my issue with young black males between the ages of 14-22, coming together to defend themselves? Nothing; however, I do have a problem with our liberal media doing what the late comedian Bernie Mac would call, “putting $100 on $10.” Although the Original Kings of Comedy legend used the term to exaggerate a story told through humor, Check It will be used or rather exaggerated, as an in-depth look at the violence, discrimination and oppression faced by those in the transgender/gay community as a whole; regardless of race. Now this is not to say there isn’t any truth to the violence and oppression that exists within the gay community. But with Check It, you have inner city youth living in one of the most penurious sections of the D.C. (Ward 8) area, which has for several decades been a hotbed for violence, high rates in unemployment, HIV/AIDS, imprisonment (all topics included this documentary) regardless of anyone’s sexual orientation. Also, I wonder if they’re going to tackle the alleged unreported same-sex domestic violence which exists within the Check It–and the gay community in general. So I guess black lives matter as long as it fits the political narrative, right? Remember, we’re talking about less than 3 percent of the nation identifies as being gay, lesbian or bisexual.
As we turn the page of what is considered the “New Black,” do not be surprised if we start seeing gay black men as the new face of reality tv as well. Think about it. They have been known to be overly dramatic, overtly attitudinal, extremely sensitive, and at times, unapologetically entertaining. These same “traits” have made black women, such as Nene Leaks, the reality television stars they are today. As far as for Ms. Winfrey and her Oxygen network, don’t hold your breath because none of these so-called “black” media publications will call her out for this; in fact, they’re stalwart supporters. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC’s Scandal star, Kerry Washington, makes an appearance on the “Elites” show, or publically promotes the Check It project. I mean you do know she’s being used to further push this agenda for gay rights, right? Just another puppet being used to make the black community acknowledges its guilt or homophobia, if we don’t side with this damnable, communist, agenda. So while the future of the black male image gets categorized into two extremes: one being the flamboyant, flashy, homosexual; and the other being the emasculated yet hyper-masculine thug, the potential promise of the re-building of black family, remains anything but a wish.


“Bill Cosby Applauds Eddie Murphy’s Actions on SNL 40; And So Do I”


I guess the mainstream media has already made up its mind and has decided to play judge, jury, and executioner, when it comes to Bill Cosby and the 20 plus women who are allegedly accusing him of sexual misconduct. This is despite no evidence, no police report, and of course many of them waiting over 30 years to come forward with claims of Cosby drugging and performing unwanted sexual acts on each of them; even though many of their stories are as shaky as the San Andrea’s fault. Nevertheless, the liberal media wants to make sure Cosby’s peers or anyone who happens to be a black actor or a black comedian, follows a deliberate script aligned with questions such as:

“So what do you think about the Cosby situation? I mean, with all of the women coming forward and all … Do you think Cosby should come forward or say anything?”

As if Cosby’s situation has anything to do with another celebrity’s latest project, movie, or musical endeavor, nonetheless, I believe (in my opinion) these questions are asked to see who’s willing to play the “shame game” or not. Obviously, they do it with us the viewing audience as I have witnessed countless people on social media and via the blogosphere either condemning the famed comedian or lending their outright support. Needless to say, the Cosby scandal continues to make headline news instead of making legal pleadings, complaints, and court documents. Other comedians have chimed in publicly taking gratuitous shots at Cosby such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (both former SNL standouts) during this year’s Golden Globes; and Larry Wilmore dedicating a scathing segment to Cosby during the newly revamped “The Nightly Show.” So now we have yet another comedian—Eddie Murphy–being asked not about his perspective on the Cosby situation; however, but to participate in a SNL staple comedic sketch called “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

From 1980 to 1984, Eddie Murphy was a budding comedic star that made his way into American homes impersonating memorable characters such as Buckwheat, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr, Mr. Robinson (as a spoof of Mr. Rodgers), Stevie Wonder, and Bill Cosby. Often credited for helping revitalize SNL’s popularity during the 1980’s, Murphy would go on to achieve enormous Hollywood film success which has spanned the course of three decades. Once word got out that the 53 year-old Murphy was returning to the SNL set for the first time in 30 years, insiders thought Murphy had finally put old SNL “beef” behind him. The beef stems from how Murphy felt several cast mates (David Spade in particular) and producers tried to denigrate his career and it was allowed to be a part of the show as he spoke candidly in a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone:

“There was that David Spade sketch [when Spade showed a picture of Murphy around the time of Vampire in Brooklyn and said, ‘Look, children, a falling star’]. I made a stink about it, it became part of the folklore. What really irritated me about it at the time was that it was a career shot. It was like, ‘Hey, come on, man, it’s one thing for you guys to do a joke about some movie of mine, but my career? I’m one of you guys …”

Murphy stated that he is cool with Spade and no longer holds any grudge against the fellow SNL alum. This leads me to the eventful night when Murphy was asked to participate in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit doing an impression that’s he’s already done so famously before; Bill Cosby. Writer-comedian Norm MacDonald tried to convince the legendary performer to reprise his famous impression of Cosby for the skit but Murphy blankly refused. In a series of tweets that covered the 40th anniversary event, MacDonald summed up the reason why he thought Murphy didn’t go on by tweeting:

Unfortunately, what one black man won’t do another one–Kenan Thompson–will do; especially at the behest of SNL’s menial chucks and giggles. And for the record, this is the same guy who played the lead role in a Cosby created Filmation animated character in the movie Fat Albert. But I guess some of us don’t mind doing the jig or putting on those proverbial tap shoes in an attempt to clown a fellow black man who has done nothing but uplift his own community. This brings me back to Eddie Murphy deciding not to participate in the comedic sketch. Maybe Murphy remembers how his former employer treated him over 20 years ago by having his contemporaries use disparaging jokes to make light of his career. Maybe he understands wholeheartedly what the media is doing to Cosby by essentially convicting him by way of public opinion. Funny how the liberal media (lead by so-called third wave feminism) spews out the notion of how terrible our alleged “rape culture” is yet has no problem with having its liberal jester bots make fun of Cosby who’s being accused of rape! But leave it to our walking dead society to make that, make sense.

screen shot 2015-02-19 at 11.26.36 am

From what I’ve seen on social media these days, many in the black community have expressed ambivalent feelings when it comes to the alleged accusations stacked against Cosby. Most people I’ve come across have said Cosby didn’t do it and these women were apart of a culture in Hollywood who would do anything to break into the business. On the other hand, you have others who say this is payback and Cosby deserves to suffer after his inflammatory remarks he made towards African-Americans in his highly publicized “Pound Cake” speech. Moreover these mounting allegations erupted during what was supposed to be the year of Cosby’s comeback to prime time television last year. Personally, I do believe Cosby had some run-in’s, conversations, meetings (public or private) with some of these women. Whether or not he did anything sexual with all of them is their word versus Cosby’s (which his lawyer has claimed not to be true). Also, I find it highly impossible for a BLACK MAN living in America during that time these allegations took place that not one of the victims went to the police because Bill Cosby was such a ‘powerful’ man. Ask yourself this: when has America and its criminal justice system NOT jump at the chance to arrest and convict any black man due to an allegation of rape coming from the mouth of a WHITE woman? Where’re talking late 60’s and early 70’s when some of these accusations took place and America was just coming out of the Civil Rights Movement, Jim Crow, and second wave Feminism was at its peak. Think about the social-political climate that was in existence at that time; nevertheless, the government still took down Malcolm, Martin, and the Black Panthers. This climate lead many of us to believe things were changing socially for the better–and to a degree it was for everyone except the black man.

Now the question shouldn’t be why I applaud Eddie Murphy for not throwing Bill Cosby under the bus; rather why haven’t more people come to his defense? Only former fellow Huxtable co-star, Phylicia Rashad and veteran comedian Sinbad, have made public remarks in contrast to how the media is painting Cosby as a pill-popping, sexual deviant. Rashad spoke earlier this year in an article for Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411, about how she feels about the entire fiasco surrounding Cosby:

“What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture.”

Immediately after Rashad’s comments where publicized, you would have thought Rashad and Cosby had essentially, like one of Murphy’s top films and “Traded Places.” Rashad was immediately met with harsh criticism and leading the charge was feminist/women’s right’s attorney Gloria Allred; who vowed that unlike Rashad, she would not “forget these women” which was a quote taken out of context made by Rashad. Then during the same month, you had famed comedian Sinbad appeared on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” in a candid interview discussing the high and low times of his career, the current state of black music, Hollywood, and “The Cos.” During this classic interview (yes, I said classic), Sinbad discussed how Hollywood never liked Cosby and that the only reason why “The Cosby Show” was created because “he didn’t like what was on television.” At the 23:00 minute mark, Sinbad explains why many of the accusations aren’t adding up and elaborates further:

“Being with him [Cosby] and all I’ve seen this is so hard for me to take in. This is not the man I know. Like I said, we don’t ever really know anybody; and then when I hear some of the stories, some ring and some don’t ring right. One woman said it went on for four years? How many drinks did you take over a four year period before you realized ‘you shouldn’t drink’?”

While Rashad, Sinbad, and Murphy have been praised by Cosby for standing up for him; no one else has been more supportive than his actual wife, Camille. Married to Cosby for over 50 years, Camille has stood firmly by her husband’s side and has appeared unwavered amidst the controversy involving her husband. The mother of five released a statement last December and among the affectionate words she had for her husband; however, the most profound is when she describes the media’s depiction of her husband:

“A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man I do not know. It is also a portrait painted by individuals and organizations whom many in the media have given a pass. There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral.”

No matter who comes to Cosby’s defense publicly in the future; having the woman you’ve been married to for over half a century being your most staunch supporter, speaks volumes. It speaks volumes because no matter how much the media wants to villianize him as some sick sexual pervert; Cosby’s greatest legacy lies within the strength, love, and loyalty he has with his family. Moreover, this is the reason why “The Cosby Show” was so significant because it was an actual extension or reflection, of his own real-life family. I esteem Mr. Cosby because not only did he champion morals and the values of getting a quality education; but stressed the importance family no scratch that, the black family. Because it used to be said, practiced, and believed by black people living in this country is when it comes down to family, “family is all you got.” Yet, if you were to gaze into the lives and households of the average black family in 2015; it seems like we have all but forgotten that mantra.


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