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Black Death Grows in Its Capacity; but We’re Numb to Its Reality


I was recently having a sincere conversation with the “Mother of all Civilization,” (just kidding) my very own mother as she wanted to share with me a word or message she kept receiving in her spirit. “Black people are on the verge of extinction,” she lamented in a brittle voice. It was as if she had read my mind or the very auspices of my heart. I find it often difficult to share such grief with anyone of related melanin in fear of coming off as a cantankerous pessimist, or your message being compared to the guy who just got saved and wants to share his religion like my name was Sharif; and you’re trying to reach Negroes like O-Dog and Caine. They don’t want to hear it because they rather live in this strong delusional state of what Taleeb Starkes would call “niggertivity.” The only time we’re actually awaken [briefly] from our stupor, is if we’re gunned down by white cops or are angered by any black who speaks critically of us who you call quote on quote, “Uncle Toms.” Does it mean I condone unarmed black people being gunned down by potential rouge cops? No. But even the media’s over-sensationalizing of the term “unarmed” has been nothing bait used to rattle our frail emotions to even further demonstrate that some black people are still gullible to slave-like pathology. We’re still under the impression that our local police departments are in our neighborhoods to serve and protect us when in reality they are only there to police us. This is why when you go into a predominantly all-white neighborhood suburb, YOU are quickly spotted and monitored by casual residents and so-called neighborhood watchmen a la the Zimmerman’s of the world (or the ones who are classified as white) and soon enough your presence is known on a cop’s radar under suspicious activity. The new Ferguson, or Cleveland, is doing the same song and dance with its historically favorite dance partner: The white liberal. After the riots and protests that erupted in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, Cleveland has been selected to potentially participate in the “riot lottery,” where criminals become martyrs by way of police brutality; meanwhile agent provocateurs infiltrate these marches in lieu to destroying a section of the city all in the name of “No Justice, No Peace.”

As I and many others have already stated before, black lives really don’t matter to black folks unless that life is taken by the quote on quote enemy called “the white man.” The ear ticking doctrine of victimization brought to you white liberals, black apologists posing as intellectuals, and race hustlers has made many Negroes obsessed with the rhetoric of white supremacy while conveniently ignoring the sheer violence that permeates our city streets. For example, in the month of May alone, the city of Baltimore had 38 homicides according to a recent article published by Fox News’ Perry Chiaramonte. Since Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave protesters carte blanche during the riots in April, local residents turned criminals have become embolden knowing the police are the last people to stand in their way.

“The criminals are taking advantage of the situation in Baltimore since the unrest,” Lt. Gene Ryan, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3, which represents officers in Baltimore, said in a statement provided to “Criminals feel empowered now. There is no respect. Police are under siege in every quarter. They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty.”

 As aforementioned above, the police’s main job in most of these modern urban cities of terror is to police you [us] however; if the police can’t perform they’re primary duty in neighborhoods filled with mothers like Toya Graham, who became mother of the year several months ago for “recusing” her son from participating in the Freddie Gray riots, the end result is more black on black crime equaling more black death. The mere mention of black crime is a big “no-no” in the black community not because of the actual tragic circumstances that stem from it; rather, it’s because other ethnicities—especially white people—do it too. They’ll tell you that whites commit crimes against whites and Asians commit crimes against other Asians etc. But I’m quick to tell them is that those other cultures don’t glorify, celebrate, or has a culture of violence aka “hood life” which is accompanied by rap lyrics that affirms them as being real niggas for committing such acts.

Speaking of rap lyrics and rappers, it seems to be a dangerously murderous trend for up in coming artist these days. Rappers Chinx and Young Pappi are the latest tragedies in a sub culture that has intoxicated the youth to embrace “savage life” through the popularity of “Drill Music” which many thought was a trend, has now become a staple in rap music no longer allowed to be bound to Chi-city. Unfortunately, it is this same city—Chicago—which continues to make headlines nearly every calendar holiday season due to its numerous shootings of the wounded and the deceased. This past Memorial Day, for example, Newsweek reported that at least 56 reported shot in Chicago’s violent Memorial Day Weekend. Bias is the African-American who can say their city is no different from any other city.


Black Death has engulfed and subjugated our so-called black community into a plague that could only be reminiscent of the European Plague. Reminiscent because our loyalty to the criminal and the debaucher, the violent and unruly, the elongated sickness that plague the heights of our community commonly called the ghetto. It is here were black elitist rises to the supremacy of blackness under the heel of white folk, but psychologically, above the minimalistic cognitive attention span of the average Negro. Black Death has become in its earliest infantry, nothing more than artistic letters and colorful life-like pictures or photos of individual people with sketches designed on t-shirts; to now trendy hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This plague has contaminated what most pro-blacks call “Mother Earth,” but that’s after the descension or the facilitated and orchestrated fall of the black man. The roles in traditional marriage and relationships have been reversed. Through social programming which produces socialist, communist even fascists thought; the black woman through her early foremothers siding with Marxists, feminist, welfare policies and values—aided by the failure of black fathers—created the epic anarchy which exist in your local black community.

What must be understood when trying to deal with the complexity of black Americans, is the dealing with this mentality of “being a real nigga” which permeated our local inner cities. For instance, we used to have ‘models’ of reverence and consistency. We had women and men, who we looked to as status quo or people we could resonate with. However, because the seed of ‘big momma’ was implanted in us like a seed, we have grown to nothing but the black woman running the family with the black man’s role being socially marginalized; and his authority practically obsolete. In 2015, you have black women being indoctrinated by the likes of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and others, spouting this “You don’t need a man,” (which is actually anti-man) for nothing, overly ambitious to the level where you actually want to be A MAN—but not it knowingly consciously.


hqdefault (1)

There’s a prodigious issue with our black women because not only have they adopted the role of “provider” but they have become unofficial leaders which makes them unqualified affirmers when it comes to our children. Affirmation and character (truly) comes from a father who loves, disciplines and encourages their children. However, black women have eaten from the tree of forbidden fruit, and she has become a competitor—not a companion–to the black man, an adversary rather than an ally. Degrees, feminist theory, government assistance, child support, and minimal opulence have consumed the mind of those who dashiki-wearing Negroes render as “queens.”

As uncomfortable as white people are in discussing structural racism and white privilege; such is the same when discussing the contentious black crime argument with Negroes. Yes, contentious argument because many blacks will point to its oppressor due to the racism and systematic racial oppression. Just recently film director Spike Lee made a reference to black crime with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. One must speculate and ask are blacks upset with what Lee said, or is it because he said it on a public ‘white’ platform? The platform is often bastion of criticism due the inferiority factor and the left right paradigm in politics (politricks) where many blacks often prefer the canon of white liberal rhetoric of encapsulating hundreds of years of racism. Tavis Smiley used to hold a summit called State of the Black Union; where he enlisted notable African-American scholars, speakers, teachers, politicians and entertainers; to discuss black progress and sanctity or in other words, “what do we need to do next.” The Negro has yet to test this hypothesis of ‘what to do next’ because the next has falls squarely on the individual first; then the collective—without the assistance of white folk. So while intellectual misfits speak on the ills on slavery, Jim Crow, Black Codes, redlining, mass-incarceration through the prison-industrial complex, the War on Drugs, police supplying guns in poor neighborhoods, and on and on and on. The blame whitey card gets minimized when the name of Kendal Fenwick is echoed from a rotten grave.

Police_call_murder_victim_Kendal_Fenwick_0_26610553_ver1.0_640_480 (1)

While many in black America rallied around a Missouri student who decided to starve himself because he and his peers felt they were ‘oppressed;’ the murder of Kendal Fenwick, gets swept under the rug. A known community activist, Fenwick died trying to protect his family of three; from the same ‘niggertivity’ most Negroes want to blame white folk for on a systematic premise. He was killed by drug dealers who were mad he built a fence to keep them away from him and his family. Brother Fenwick’s achievements and impact was reduced to a mere statistic as he became victim 295 of a 300 and counting murder rate this year in the city of Baltimore. I repeat; the same city that immortalized Freddie Gray as if he were Kendal Fenwick; is the same city that glorifies its petty hustlers. This nigga syndrome which has crippled the psychology of the American Negro mind; and has reproduced a legacy of excuses, victimization, self-hatred without self-actualization, from an oppressor whose shown his hand of supremacy by way of classicism; a weakened harnessed enemy who rather have a democratic liberal be its defense then going out on its own. Part two coming soon when I’ll deal with the new ‘Black Codes.’


Peace and Love y’all!

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“Bill Cosby Applauds Eddie Murphy’s Actions on SNL 40; And So Do I”


I guess the mainstream media has already made up its mind and has decided to play judge, jury, and executioner, when it comes to Bill Cosby and the 20 plus women who are allegedly accusing him of sexual misconduct. This is despite no evidence, no police report, and of course many of them waiting over 30 years to come forward with claims of Cosby drugging and performing unwanted sexual acts on each of them; even though many of their stories are as shaky as the San Andrea’s fault. Nevertheless, the liberal media wants to make sure Cosby’s peers or anyone who happens to be a black actor or a black comedian, follows a deliberate script aligned with questions such as:

“So what do you think about the Cosby situation? I mean, with all of the women coming forward and all … Do you think Cosby should come forward or say anything?”

As if Cosby’s situation has anything to do with another celebrity’s latest project, movie, or musical endeavor, nonetheless, I believe (in my opinion) these questions are asked to see who’s willing to play the “shame game” or not. Obviously, they do it with us the viewing audience as I have witnessed countless people on social media and via the blogosphere either condemning the famed comedian or lending their outright support. Needless to say, the Cosby scandal continues to make headline news instead of making legal pleadings, complaints, and court documents. Other comedians have chimed in publicly taking gratuitous shots at Cosby such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (both former SNL standouts) during this year’s Golden Globes; and Larry Wilmore dedicating a scathing segment to Cosby during the newly revamped “The Nightly Show.” So now we have yet another comedian—Eddie Murphy–being asked not about his perspective on the Cosby situation; however, but to participate in a SNL staple comedic sketch called “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

From 1980 to 1984, Eddie Murphy was a budding comedic star that made his way into American homes impersonating memorable characters such as Buckwheat, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr, Mr. Robinson (as a spoof of Mr. Rodgers), Stevie Wonder, and Bill Cosby. Often credited for helping revitalize SNL’s popularity during the 1980’s, Murphy would go on to achieve enormous Hollywood film success which has spanned the course of three decades. Once word got out that the 53 year-old Murphy was returning to the SNL set for the first time in 30 years, insiders thought Murphy had finally put old SNL “beef” behind him. The beef stems from how Murphy felt several cast mates (David Spade in particular) and producers tried to denigrate his career and it was allowed to be a part of the show as he spoke candidly in a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone:

“There was that David Spade sketch [when Spade showed a picture of Murphy around the time of Vampire in Brooklyn and said, ‘Look, children, a falling star’]. I made a stink about it, it became part of the folklore. What really irritated me about it at the time was that it was a career shot. It was like, ‘Hey, come on, man, it’s one thing for you guys to do a joke about some movie of mine, but my career? I’m one of you guys …”

Murphy stated that he is cool with Spade and no longer holds any grudge against the fellow SNL alum. This leads me to the eventful night when Murphy was asked to participate in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit doing an impression that’s he’s already done so famously before; Bill Cosby. Writer-comedian Norm MacDonald tried to convince the legendary performer to reprise his famous impression of Cosby for the skit but Murphy blankly refused. In a series of tweets that covered the 40th anniversary event, MacDonald summed up the reason why he thought Murphy didn’t go on by tweeting:

Unfortunately, what one black man won’t do another one–Kenan Thompson–will do; especially at the behest of SNL’s menial chucks and giggles. And for the record, this is the same guy who played the lead role in a Cosby created Filmation animated character in the movie Fat Albert. But I guess some of us don’t mind doing the jig or putting on those proverbial tap shoes in an attempt to clown a fellow black man who has done nothing but uplift his own community. This brings me back to Eddie Murphy deciding not to participate in the comedic sketch. Maybe Murphy remembers how his former employer treated him over 20 years ago by having his contemporaries use disparaging jokes to make light of his career. Maybe he understands wholeheartedly what the media is doing to Cosby by essentially convicting him by way of public opinion. Funny how the liberal media (lead by so-called third wave feminism) spews out the notion of how terrible our alleged “rape culture” is yet has no problem with having its liberal jester bots make fun of Cosby who’s being accused of rape! But leave it to our walking dead society to make that, make sense.

screen shot 2015-02-19 at 11.26.36 am

From what I’ve seen on social media these days, many in the black community have expressed ambivalent feelings when it comes to the alleged accusations stacked against Cosby. Most people I’ve come across have said Cosby didn’t do it and these women were apart of a culture in Hollywood who would do anything to break into the business. On the other hand, you have others who say this is payback and Cosby deserves to suffer after his inflammatory remarks he made towards African-Americans in his highly publicized “Pound Cake” speech. Moreover these mounting allegations erupted during what was supposed to be the year of Cosby’s comeback to prime time television last year. Personally, I do believe Cosby had some run-in’s, conversations, meetings (public or private) with some of these women. Whether or not he did anything sexual with all of them is their word versus Cosby’s (which his lawyer has claimed not to be true). Also, I find it highly impossible for a BLACK MAN living in America during that time these allegations took place that not one of the victims went to the police because Bill Cosby was such a ‘powerful’ man. Ask yourself this: when has America and its criminal justice system NOT jump at the chance to arrest and convict any black man due to an allegation of rape coming from the mouth of a WHITE woman? Where’re talking late 60’s and early 70’s when some of these accusations took place and America was just coming out of the Civil Rights Movement, Jim Crow, and second wave Feminism was at its peak. Think about the social-political climate that was in existence at that time; nevertheless, the government still took down Malcolm, Martin, and the Black Panthers. This climate lead many of us to believe things were changing socially for the better–and to a degree it was for everyone except the black man.

Now the question shouldn’t be why I applaud Eddie Murphy for not throwing Bill Cosby under the bus; rather why haven’t more people come to his defense? Only former fellow Huxtable co-star, Phylicia Rashad and veteran comedian Sinbad, have made public remarks in contrast to how the media is painting Cosby as a pill-popping, sexual deviant. Rashad spoke earlier this year in an article for Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411, about how she feels about the entire fiasco surrounding Cosby:

“What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture.”

Immediately after Rashad’s comments where publicized, you would have thought Rashad and Cosby had essentially, like one of Murphy’s top films and “Traded Places.” Rashad was immediately met with harsh criticism and leading the charge was feminist/women’s right’s attorney Gloria Allred; who vowed that unlike Rashad, she would not “forget these women” which was a quote taken out of context made by Rashad. Then during the same month, you had famed comedian Sinbad appeared on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” in a candid interview discussing the high and low times of his career, the current state of black music, Hollywood, and “The Cos.” During this classic interview (yes, I said classic), Sinbad discussed how Hollywood never liked Cosby and that the only reason why “The Cosby Show” was created because “he didn’t like what was on television.” At the 23:00 minute mark, Sinbad explains why many of the accusations aren’t adding up and elaborates further:

“Being with him [Cosby] and all I’ve seen this is so hard for me to take in. This is not the man I know. Like I said, we don’t ever really know anybody; and then when I hear some of the stories, some ring and some don’t ring right. One woman said it went on for four years? How many drinks did you take over a four year period before you realized ‘you shouldn’t drink’?”

While Rashad, Sinbad, and Murphy have been praised by Cosby for standing up for him; no one else has been more supportive than his actual wife, Camille. Married to Cosby for over 50 years, Camille has stood firmly by her husband’s side and has appeared unwavered amidst the controversy involving her husband. The mother of five released a statement last December and among the affectionate words she had for her husband; however, the most profound is when she describes the media’s depiction of her husband:

“A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man I do not know. It is also a portrait painted by individuals and organizations whom many in the media have given a pass. There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral.”

No matter who comes to Cosby’s defense publicly in the future; having the woman you’ve been married to for over half a century being your most staunch supporter, speaks volumes. It speaks volumes because no matter how much the media wants to villianize him as some sick sexual pervert; Cosby’s greatest legacy lies within the strength, love, and loyalty he has with his family. Moreover, this is the reason why “The Cosby Show” was so significant because it was an actual extension or reflection, of his own real-life family. I esteem Mr. Cosby because not only did he champion morals and the values of getting a quality education; but stressed the importance family no scratch that, the black family. Because it used to be said, practiced, and believed by black people living in this country is when it comes down to family, “family is all you got.” Yet, if you were to gaze into the lives and households of the average black family in 2015; it seems like we have all but forgotten that mantra.


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