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Kaepernick’s ‘Unpatriotic’ Conviction


“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color…” “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”


As the dog days of the national sports world comes to a close, many networks are looking for virtually anything newsworthy to chew on until college and pro football lines up for the opening snap. That includes socio-political issues that have become immersed in sports talk much to the chagrin to the common man’s sports junkie pleasure. Which brings me to the story of Colin Kaepernick, who, for all intended purposes, might not even keep a roster spot by years end. The story of Kaepernick’s political protest has created lighting rod in sports talk because it has more to do with what’s critical and eye opening instead of what’s popular. It transcends the sports world and makes typical Americans focus on a matter that’s often swept under the rug. No, we’re not talking about the usual “black on black crime” that usually circulates the media circuit and puts the emphasis on black folks to get it together. Kaepernick’s statements shines a light on law enforcement which is to the American masses is a slap in the face, followed by an indignant middle finger to everything deemed “white American.” By Kaepernick refusing to stand and acknowledge the national anthem, he has become in many people’s eyes an “anti-American” who is ungrateful for what our military has done—past or present—so he can have the opportunity to enjoy life as a citizen of the alleged free world. How dare Colin commit the sin of patriotic blasphemy, or did he?

None of Kaepernick’s detractors will stick to what he actually said, nor will they point to the reason why he said it. They are quick to point out our service men but will not address our local so-called service men that have gotten away with killing black people with impunity. For instance, you have law enforcement that has been captured on camera murdering African-Americans in cold blood, yet these same officers have as Kaepernick has stated, “getting paid leave for getting away with murder.” So how does such a pivotal statement get misconstrued? Simple because Colin has as Stephen A. Smith articulated, made Americans choose sides; like it or not. If one was to look at social media this past weekend, you can clearly see how the American populous took to Colin’s conviction which was mostly met with venomous ire.

Then you have your Victor Cruz’s and now Jerry Rice’s of the world coming forth trying to diffuse Colin’s stance at the appeasement or out of their own opinion, which coincidentally sides with the prevailing popular opinion—of white folks. I wonder though if these Negro athletes are familiar with the person who wrote the national anthem in the first place? None other than American honored Francis Scott Key, who was a lawyer by day and a slaveholder by all means necessary to benefit the capitalistic so-called patriot. Even if one was to dive in the annals of the Smithsonianmag.com, there lies an article which begs to question “Where’s the Debate on Francis Scott Key’s Slave-Holding Legacy?” Here’s an excerpt for those who just don’t know:

In 1814, Key was a slaveholding lawyer from an old Maryland plantation family, who thanks to a system of human bondage had grown rich and powerful.

When he wrote the poem that would, in 1931, become the national anthem and proclaim our nation “the land of the free,” like Jefferson, Key not only profited from slaves, he harbored racist conceptions of American citizenship and human potential. Africans in America, he said, were: “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.” (http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/wheres-debate-francis-scott-keys-slave-holding-legacy-180959550/?no-ist)

If one was to read further in the article, you would discover that Key’s racist views were parallel to President Thomas Jefferson and many others; for even he too thought the Negro was a inferior being. With that being said, how can anyone justify their scrutiny towards Kaepernick for not standing for a country whose original sin continues to haunt them at every angle? Whether it be through the media or our government, the fact is the so-called American Negro hasn’t received its well-deserved justice and those who think otherwise are living in a color blind society.  America has made it common practice for the Negro to forget what has happen to his ancestors while having no problem propping up so-called Jews and the travesty of their Holocaust. This is the minimization of black culture which gives rise to the affluent blacks who have quote, “made it” but share the same ideology that is pro bono for white folks.

In the end, what Colin Kaepernick has done is open that same can of worms that too often gets fed to self-righteous journalists, pundits, and typical American skeptics who would rather hear about if Colin will make it to his or hers fantasy league. Given his limited platform, Kaepernick has decided to break the sports code for Negroes by not only refusing to acknowledge the national anthem, but telling you why he does by directly pointing to an institutional problem with law enforcement. I wonder, would Kaepernick’s stance be considered this “newsworthy” if it was something other than black lives? Kaepernick’s stance should leave the normal American downtrodden NOT because you agree or disagree with Colin, but for the simple fact that when you express your beliefs according to our Bill of Rights, you get vilified. The hatred especially gets intensified when you speak on black issues. This is a no-no in America or you’ll get labeled as being a “victim” or some KKK affiliate (for what reason I don’t know) when black folks DO NOT have a history of oppressing folks. But it is what it is…peace and love y’all!

“Hulk Hogan Said What?!”


Looks like Hulkamania won’t be running wild on anyone anytime soon brother. Yes, the man who’s been telling his fellow Hulkamaniacs to say their prayers and eat its vitamins throughout the years apparently forgot to tell his fanbase that Mr. American can be a “little racist;” just like the rest of us. Those words comes from a tirade of bigoted insults now made public after The National ENQUIRER (of all media outlets) leaked a secretly recorded conversation the WWE legend had about his daughter Brooke sleeping with a guy who was an African-American. In the article, Hogan uses the phrase “F—king N*gger” several times during his heated rant about his daughter making bad choices in life and I guess one those “bad choices” was dealing with an Afro-American Negro; that is unless he’s “8-foot- tall and worth a hundred million dollars.” This story immediately became a trending topic of Twitter with the hashtag #HulkHogan, some like basketball great Dennis Rodman, stood by the Hulkster’s side stating Hogan’s not racist.

I wonder if Rodman is aware of what Hogan said about you basketball N*ggers, I mean players. Moving on, the former “Hogan Knows Best” star reached out to People Magazine and issued a public apology for what many are calling his “inexcusable” remarks:

“Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it. This is not who I am. I believe very strongly that every person in the world is important and should not be treated differently based on race, gender, orientation, religious beliefs or otherwise. I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs.”

Because of Hogan’s insensitive comments having gone widespread, WWE owner Vince McMahon (who’s also hurled the infamous N-word) terminated Hogan’s contract effective immediately. Hogan was also removed from the WWE online website and is no longer listed on its Hall of Fame list. As if that wasn’t bad enough for the famed wrestler born Terry Bollea, Forbes.com reports the Hogan controversy cost caused shares of WWE to plummet almost %4 to $16.60, swiping about $50 million from shareholders. Hogan has been a target of media scrutiny over the past several years ranging from his nasty divorce from his ex-wife Linda, to his son Nick being convicted of felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury, daughter Brooke’s flopping singing career, to a $100 million dollar lawsuit with Gawker Media surrounding what else—a sex tape. Ironically, it is this exact sex tape which involves Hogan’s racist slurs with then girlfriend Heather Clem. Now let me tell you what I think about this whole Hogan fiasco, Brother!


“Let me tell you something Mean Gene!” Though I completely understand Hogan’s comments were unacceptable, brash, and downright hateful, he was being secretly recorded and has never made these “racist” statements publicly. To me, he sounded like a frustrated father who admittedly said he invested $2 to 3 million dollars in hopes that his daughter’s singing career would take off. He should have known better; but hey, “Hogan knows best?” This situation is erringly similar to the furor involving former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, when he made inflammatory comments he made towards African-Americans while unknowingly being recorded by girlfriend V. Stiviano. The recording resulted in Sterling having to sell his franchise to current owner MicroSoft’s Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. So far Hogan has virtually been eradicated from all things WWE; and one can only hope what lies ahead for the former wrestling great. As far as everyone calling Hogan a racist, do I really need to school you of what a racist really is? If anything, even though some say he was trying to justify his rant, he’s right in saying there’s a little bit prejudice and bigotry [racist] in all of us. Again, I’m not justifying Hogan for doing his best Chet Walker impression on how many times he can say the N-word, but what do think many whites AND blacks say behind closed doors and amongst friends? Bigotry and prejudice exist amongst us all and Hogan is no different. Let’s not even begin to mention how many times some of you Negroes give this “hood or G pass” to many aspiring white artists even down to neighborhood hang-a-longs who “act black” and use the N-word. If y’all are going to have a problem with your so-called oppressor [Hogan] dropping a profuse amount of N-bomb’s in private, than you should be just us as upset when we ourselves do it uncontrollably in public! But I know, it’s different when we say it; my n*gga. It’s a term of endearment for us. Then please explain to me brother, what is a “F**k N*gga” then because I can assure you it’s not an “endearing” phrase.

I strongly believe Hogan will get the Negro hand of fellowship from some public figure (right now it’s Rodman) that many other blacks will call a Coon, just like when Paula Deen made her comeback to television on The Steve Harvey Show after losing several endorsement deals following her N-bomb controversy. So if there’s anything to possibly complain about, it should be how when white public figures fall and become defamed in anyway, they’re able to bounce back and usually carry on a steady career. On the other hand, when black public figures make mistakes they become the proverbial poster child of everything that is wrong with America. People [fans] are unforgivable, their careers become virtually unrepairable, and their consistently reminded of their past indiscretions. Don’t believe me just look no further to Michael Vick.

Dog lovers-a-mania is still running wild on him.

Peace and blessings y’all


“Steve Harvey Said What?”


Maybe I should have named this “What did Steve do now?” In case you haven’t heard, Harvey has been receiving some heavy criticism from the black community (yes I said community) these days due to some unnerving comments he made recently on his daytime show. During his “Ask Steve” segment, the retired comedian was asked by a white woman from Greensboro, NC what to do if she finds herself in a conversation with a “history buff” seeing that she is clueless when it comes to that subject. And on cue, Harvey put on his white gloves, shinned up his tap shoes, and told the woman what he do would do and told her to just say, “I don’t really care for slavery, and walk away.” But that’s not all folks. Harvey continued in his sell-out antics to coon for white folks as he further went on to say:

“I don’t give a damn if they’re talking about Christopher Columbus. I don’t give a damn if they’re talking about a treaty. I don’t give a damn about an amendment, a bill; I don’t care what the subject is. It could be prohibition. I don’t care what the subject is. When you get through saying it and I don’t know what the hell you talking about, my favorite line is ‘I don’t give a damn about slavery,’ and walk off.”

Okay, after we’re finished “Uncle Toming” him to no end; my next question for the ones who are upset in black America is: now what? I mean, since we have officially written off Steve Harvey and have included him in the “Coon Club” along with Barkley, Smith, and Cosby; my question still remains the same–now what? I’m not even really here to put down Steve Harvey because we as black so-called community do a real good job of that—to each other. I’m not excusing what he said either and I hope he does apologize for what he said about slavery.
However, what if he doesn’t? Does he become just another black celebrity to add to the ol’ checklist of people we can blog about, talk about, and make YouTube video’s to make ourselves feel better about? It’s been almost five days and Harvey’s jesting remarks haven’t even created a hashtag nor has it even been trendy on Twitter so what does that tell you? You should have known he became “corporate” when they made him be the catalyst to ingratiate Paula Dean’s career back—with the co-sign of black people! Seriously, if we really gave a proverbial “damn” about slavery and our history, then why on the day dedicated to black American people, is one of the most dangerous events during the year? Ever heard of Juneteenth? You know the annual holiday which commemorates the actual abolishing and emancipation of African-American slaves; yea, that one.
Recently, you had writer-comedian Larry Wilmore having to give a public apology for calling black women “bossy” during his “Keep it 100” segment on “The Nightly Show.” Now you might be thinking to yourself why am I bringing this up? Simple, because you had two black men making jokes about one’s own culture yet only one guy—Wilmore–was forced to make amends for his joke, meanwhile, Harvey remains silent. I guess the jovial liberal media doesn’t really care about black people (again) talking about slavery EXCEPT when it involves the usual cast of characters of race baiters, carpetbaggers, and white cops.
Lastly, I heard many people make inferences regarding the Jews and how you would never hear one of them say “I don’t care about the Holocaust” in a joking way. And my retort to that statement is: “you’re right.” However, you and I both know there’s a litany of things you will not see them do—and there’s a bevy of things they incorporate, practice, and value. So again, the question lies what do we value other than having this so-called black monolithic thought? We could go down the list but I rather not because if you aren’t already aware of the current condition of black people; then why waste my time and infuriate your feelings by listing them? See, Steve Harvey and other well to do blacks are not our problem. Actually, many of them still exhibit or reflect some of the traditional family values that used to be found in black America regardless of the socio-economic factors they have worked against the black family. Unfortunately, too many of us are so concerned about “white supremacy” that we remain slaves psychologically and practice racism on ourselves! Don’t believe me? We’re still having movies and symposiums discussing colorization issues and are bi-racial people considered black? So again, while I don’t condone what Steve Harvey said regarding slavery; however, maybe he can say that now because like so many other concerns in black America like fatherhood, lack of family structures, neighborhoods, crime, and education, many of us don’t give a damn either.

Video link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXGgGAoSwAc

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My Thoughts Pending The Michael Brown Verdict…


As America eagerly waits for the seemingly most anticipated verdict since the O.J. Simpson trial; there still seems to be something that’s quite unsettling with me. Many expect that the officer in question, Darren Wilson, will not be indicted for the killing of the unarmed teenager Michael Brown, but my question is “what if he is indicted?” Yes, it might just satisfy the taste of vengeance and retribution for black people everywhere who have been unfavorably treated wrong in some regards to racism and oppression in America. I’m sure it will serve as justice regarding the deaths of Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner. Yet does this case, and others like it, address the critical issue(s) that still permeate our communities? I’m not the one to give racism or white supremacy a pass; however, it seems like just as I’ve mentioned before in my initial article “The Failure At Ferguson,” black people have repeatedly been advocates when the picture is painted as us being “victims.” Yes, there’s certainly times when black people have been “victims” simply because of racism and what I call; “unadulterated human hate,” which has been inflicted towards black people in America. There are several examples of this; most notably when it comes down to filling out an application for employment and you just happen to be black. However, what I take exception to is when African-Americans can’t admit to the same level of temerity and indignation towards each other; and pass it off as if white folks taught us how to hate. I know, I know, I know, Malcolm X had a monumental speech dealing with this subject; however, that was during the time when white supremacy and hatred was at its peak overtly. I know you can point to the lot that black people have been given in this country since the slave trade. But I can also point to the various examples of not only self hate, but self defeatism and a glorification of “ghetto culture” and niggertivity. Just let the latter part of that sentence sink in like quick sand ladies and gentlemen. My point is, will black America recognize just like our great, great, grandparents did back in the day that, “we’s all we got?” Or will we continue to point the proverbial finger towards white supremacy so much so that this doctrine has become as popular and lucrative as the “Prosperity Gospel” found in black churches. The reason why I’ve linked the black preacher and the pro-black nationalists/separatist is because I hear the same rationale which looks to empower black people but in reality never really changes the conditions of black people. It’s your typical “feel good, fist pump, charismatic hallelujah a-men to ashe,” message that on one hand tells you about having your own economic base; yet the only people you see benefit is the leaders themselves. Sure you’ll have a select few, but for the most part you have to do it their way, how they do it–for a small fee I might add. Now before you go off and say “Pro-Blacks don’t do that” type of argument compared to black ministers; I would kindly tell you you’re right–ideologically that is. However, I put them in the same category because “Knowledge of Self” has become a hustle and just like many black preachers; it only pacifies the issues in our community by saying all we need is “knowledge” and then we’ll get the money. These meetings has done nothing but more to enlighten us “spiritually” than it has secured us financially. While at the same time making us fundamentally obese with knowledge and teaching; but morally bankrupt when it comes to having character when dealing with one another. Don’t get me wrong, having an economic base or practicing group economics, would help exponentially in solving a litany of issues in black America (one being unemployment amongst black men). Yet, the reason why I did this post is because what has happened surrounding Michael Brown’s family: in particularly his mother. It’s a shame that I have to do this but what I have to say is in NO WAY to disrespect or cast aspersions towards Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden. Nevertheless, it points to the core that I see more often to why black people can’t seemingly come together; outside of racism that is. For the record, i’m not totally upset with how the incident went down involving McSpadden and her ex-husband’s mother-in-law, Pearlie Gordon. It further points to an inherently get over or forget your feelings mentality that many of us black folks know exists. So when you talk about having an economic base, black pride, give your money to God and white supremacy; well how can we when we’ve sipped from the bottle of self-hatred and a sick form of hood capitalism that makes the thug, the hustler, and the bootlegger not only pervasive, but have “status” in the black community. And we wonder why black Americans are leery when it comes to dealing or even having black businesses in our communities because of this ghetto/get over mentality.This is commonly referred to as “crabs in a barrel syndrome,” however, we now have black apologists pointing to the barrel instead of the mentality we have harnessed for several decades. ***Sigh*** because yet again racism white supremacy not only created this mentality (which I will agree to in some regard) but it continues to hold an iron fist and preserve it’s influence it in ALL of our current affairs (which I don’t agree with)? So the barrel made Pearlie Gordon sell those t-shirts (without permission btw) in tribute to her deceased grandson for a respectable cause? I think many of you might know the answer to that; but i’ll digress for now. To be perfectly clear, i’m not saying there “ain’t or isn’t” any black entrepreneurs who’s contributing to the black community. I’m just saying it isn’t enough of those businesses to control a predominantly black community either. I also must point out that there’s some influential voices on both sides of the “do better” spectrum whether it resides in pulpit on Sunday mornings or gathers at your neighborhood African bookstore. I guess my inquisitive thoughts are slowly leading me to ponder that when it comes to the core of black issues, you can only speak to the pot which holds the food; but you just aren’t allowed to stir the ‘core’ ingredients in the pot to make it all better. Because then, maybe then, we’ll actually taste something we or most of us (realistically speaking), can have the fortitude to swallow. It’s called the truth. Peace and love y’all.

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“The Clippers & the Warriors Do Not Need to Play Tonight, Here’s Why..”

0Black Americans have a chance to make history tonight. They have a chance to send to message not only to Donald Sterling, the NBA and its owners. They have a chance to make a social, political and historical STATEMENT to black people around the world. “White America, we DO MATTER.” We DO have not only an athletic skill, BUT A VOICE. I understand the NBA did what it was expected to do in disciplining Sterling. However, even if Sterling is banned from all things NBA, haven’t we seen a story like this before? From the Paula Dean’s and the Don Imus’s of the world? Sure they lose their jobs, sponsorship’s, even hold press conferences to express their apologies. We are used to seeing this time and time again. Everything will eventually go back to normal. The political race baiting pundits will continue to race bait. The NBA players and groups like the NAACP will receive little “trinkets” that will benefit certain minority programs and (sigh) America will no longer have to deal with its REAL problem: inherent white supremacy. 

This is why it is important for these NBA players (really all of them) not to play tonight. They expect you to wear your black wrist bans, turn your jerseys inside out, you know, all the “safe things” because you’ll eventually play the game anyways. It will also break the stigma that’s placed on athletes who will HAVE A LOCK OUT ABOUT MONEY, but you can’t sit out for your self-respect? Just think of the transcending effect it will have on every single African-American, who can’t protest on their jobs because they’re the minority. Finally, on one of America’s biggest stages, The NBA Play-offs, during a time when the games have been very entertaining, PLAYERS CAN NOW SAY NO. My pride, dignity and self-respect is more important than your ratings, your awards AND YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY. See, just because you, scratch that, THE NBA COMMISSIONER & COMPANY took care of Sterling you can best believe there are other owners who are apart of the “Good Boy’s Club.” Besides, who’s to say even if Sterling gives up his ownership he wouldn’t keep it in the FAMILY.
Black people always want to talk about the problems or accuse you if you stand up by saying, “What are you doing for your community etc..” Most of the times  black people never get into a place of power, and if we do, we end up selling out and becoming one of those “pet Negros.” These players are in a huge position during an observed Confederate Memorial Month, 50 years removed from the so-called Civil Rights Act, to HAVE THIS CURRENT AND FUTURE GENERATION TO NO LONGER HAVE TO SING, “WE SHALL OVERCOME.”
We don’t need the SHARPTON’S OR THE JACKSON’S OF THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY WERE NEVER FOR US ANYWAY!! This will be independent from them because even they DON’T EXPECT BLACK PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING! Even if the NBA agreed to give the Sterling’s franchise over to Magic Johnson or another influential wealthy black. They would still win because it will only be a drop in the bucket to white supremacist America. Sort of like “Give the Nigger something and he’ll shut up.” NO! BY THEM NOT PLAYING TONIGHT WILL LET THE NBA KNOW, AND AMERICA, WE AS A WHOLE ARE NOT PLAYING WITH RACISM TODAY AND TOMORROW.
Lastly, if these players do not do this I will no longer patronize the NBA anymore. See, the fans can’t take the place of the players, so by them (THE FANS) not showing up for tonight’s game means nothing. Only the players can have a MONUMENTAL effect on the fans because they are the reason they SUPPORT THE LEAGUE!! Again, if these guys don’t SEIZE this moment not only will it be a slap in the face to former players like Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and others from yesteryear, it will prove black America stands for nothing because we have truly been bought with a price. And I’m not talking about what Apostle Paul said in Corinthians either.