My Thoughts Pending The Michael Brown Verdict…


As America eagerly waits for the seemingly most anticipated verdict since the O.J. Simpson trial; there still seems to be something that’s quite unsettling with me. Many expect that the officer in question, Darren Wilson, will not be indicted for the killing of the unarmed teenager Michael Brown, but my question is “what if he is indicted?” Yes, it might just satisfy the taste of vengeance and retribution for black people everywhere who have been unfavorably treated wrong in some regards to racism and oppression in America. I’m sure it will serve as justice regarding the deaths of Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner. Yet does this case, and others like it, address the critical issue(s) that still permeate our communities? I’m not the one to give racism or white supremacy a pass; however, it seems like just as I’ve mentioned before in my initial article “The Failure At Ferguson,” black people have repeatedly been advocates when the picture is painted as us being “victims.” Yes, there’s certainly times when black people have been “victims” simply because of racism and what I call; “unadulterated human hate,” which has been inflicted towards black people in America. There are several examples of this; most notably when it comes down to filling out an application for employment and you just happen to be black. However, what I take exception to is when African-Americans can’t admit to the same level of temerity and indignation towards each other; and pass it off as if white folks taught us how to hate. I know, I know, I know, Malcolm X had a monumental speech dealing with this subject; however, that was during the time when white supremacy and hatred was at its peak overtly. I know you can point to the lot that black people have been given in this country since the slave trade. But I can also point to the various examples of not only self hate, but self defeatism and a glorification of “ghetto culture” and niggertivity. Just let the latter part of that sentence sink in like quick sand ladies and gentlemen. My point is, will black America recognize just like our great, great, grandparents did back in the day that, “we’s all we got?” Or will we continue to point the proverbial finger towards white supremacy so much so that this doctrine has become as popular and lucrative as the “Prosperity Gospel” found in black churches. The reason why I’ve linked the black preacher and the pro-black nationalists/separatist is because I hear the same rationale which looks to empower black people but in reality never really changes the conditions of black people. It’s your typical “feel good, fist pump, charismatic hallelujah a-men to ashe,” message that on one hand tells you about having your own economic base; yet the only people you see benefit is the leaders themselves. Sure you’ll have a select few, but for the most part you have to do it their way, how they do it–for a small fee I might add. Now before you go off and say “Pro-Blacks don’t do that” type of argument compared to black ministers; I would kindly tell you you’re right–ideologically that is. However, I put them in the same category because “Knowledge of Self” has become a hustle and just like many black preachers; it only pacifies the issues in our community by saying all we need is “knowledge” and then we’ll get the money. These meetings has done nothing but more to enlighten us “spiritually” than it has secured us financially. While at the same time making us fundamentally obese with knowledge and teaching; but morally bankrupt when it comes to having character when dealing with one another. Don’t get me wrong, having an economic base or practicing group economics, would help exponentially in solving a litany of issues in black America (one being unemployment amongst black men). Yet, the reason why I did this post is because what has happened surrounding Michael Brown’s family: in particularly his mother. It’s a shame that I have to do this but what I have to say is in NO WAY to disrespect or cast aspersions towards Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden. Nevertheless, it points to the core that I see more often to why black people can’t seemingly come together; outside of racism that is. For the record, i’m not totally upset with how the incident went down involving McSpadden and her ex-husband’s mother-in-law, Pearlie Gordon. It further points to an inherently get over or forget your feelings mentality that many of us black folks know exists. So when you talk about having an economic base, black pride, give your money to God and white supremacy; well how can we when we’ve sipped from the bottle of self-hatred and a sick form of hood capitalism that makes the thug, the hustler, and the bootlegger not only pervasive, but have “status” in the black community. And we wonder why black Americans are leery when it comes to dealing or even having black businesses in our communities because of this ghetto/get over mentality.This is commonly referred to as “crabs in a barrel syndrome,” however, we now have black apologists pointing to the barrel instead of the mentality we have harnessed for several decades. ***Sigh*** because yet again racism white supremacy not only created this mentality (which I will agree to in some regard) but it continues to hold an iron fist and preserve it’s influence it in ALL of our current affairs (which I don’t agree with)? So the barrel made Pearlie Gordon sell those t-shirts (without permission btw) in tribute to her deceased grandson for a respectable cause? I think many of you might know the answer to that; but i’ll digress for now. To be perfectly clear, i’m not saying there “ain’t or isn’t” any black entrepreneurs who’s contributing to the black community. I’m just saying it isn’t enough of those businesses to control a predominantly black community either. I also must point out that there’s some influential voices on both sides of the “do better” spectrum whether it resides in pulpit on Sunday mornings or gathers at your neighborhood African bookstore. I guess my inquisitive thoughts are slowly leading me to ponder that when it comes to the core of black issues, you can only speak to the pot which holds the food; but you just aren’t allowed to stir the ‘core’ ingredients in the pot to make it all better. Because then, maybe then, we’ll actually taste something we or most of us (realistically speaking), can have the fortitude to swallow. It’s called the truth. Peace and love y’all.

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