‘Katpacalypse’ is Definitely Becoming More Fact than Fiction for Katt Williams


If you would have told me my first blog post of the new year would have involved troubled comedian Katt Williams, I would told you I have better articles to write about. Instead, I sit here this morning in complete disbelief as the world is watching Katt Williams literally throw away a once promising stand-up career. Williams, 42, was recorded a few days ago on video getting the perm stomped out of him at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia, PA after Williams ran up on a member of Sigel’s entourage and threw what some are calling a “sucker punch.” This comes just after an incident he had in Gainseville, GA with a pool supply employee when Williams two-pieced the guy because Williams claimed he was called the N-word. After being arrested and charged with battery, video of Williams was leaked during his Conspiracy Tour in Atlanta of him calling fellow famed comedian Kevin Hart a “Hollywood Puppet” and challenging him to $5 million dollar battle. The Pimp Chronicles star later apologized for his remarks towards Hart during an interview with Big Tigger at Atlanta’s V-103 radio station; however, issued yet another challenge to another comedian, this year’s Oscar host Chris Rock.


After the video surfaced of Williams looking like he was at an old school Brand Nubian concert (Punks Jump up To Get Beat Down), he instantly became a trending topic on Twitter receiving mixed reactions from fans and some hinting his career might be over. Even Katt himself posted a video to WorldStarHipHop, where spoke about taking “nothing but w’s” during the debacle in Philly and further speculated he might be retiring from stand-up comedy for good. Over the past several years, it has surely been a “Kattpacalypse” for Williams as he’s been known more his erratic onstage behavior, missed shows, various assaults, arrests and outlandish conspiracy theories. Once regarded as your comedian’s favorite comedian, Williams has become a tabloid magnet for controversy (ahem, TMZ) and cause celebre, leaving many wondering if Williams is mentally-ill or truly on that ‘stuff.’ With Williams currently still on his Conspiracy Tour, one can only wonder if the once considered comedic genius can actually finish his tour dates, and avoid any further altercations, arrests, and onstage debasement. All jokes aside, I hope who’s ever managing or around the embroiled star, gets Katt the help he needs instead of having the show must go on approach because Williams is definitely a “pimp down.” Peace y’all.


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