Brent Grimes, Landon Collins and the Weakness of Black Men



I really hope I don’t have to begin this blog explaining that I’m not referring to all black men. I’m strictly talking about Negro men who fit into the category of weak men. Now you may be wondering what qualifies me to make an assertion or classify a brother as weak. After all, there’re plenty of websites, chatrooms, magazines, forums and blogs, full of opinionated (and often frustrated)  black women who claims there’s no good black men; and, because she’s so educated and or successful in corporate America, brothers aren’t on her level. One of the biggest problems in black America is that our women not only determine our manhood (by how many of them we’ve slept with), they define or interpret it. For those who know, raise your hands if you’ve heard a black woman either tell you or some other guy, “You’re not a real man.” It’s as…

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