My Thoughts on Dr. Umar Johnson’s ‘Striptease’


Before I begin this post, I must admit I am a modest supporter of Dr. Umar Johnson. Now, when I say that, I say it because I don’t agree with all of his ideological stances. I don’t believe in praying to the ancestors, all white people are devils, studying ancient Kemet, or calling each other “Kings and Queens.” The idea of having “knowledge of self” hasn’t really helped the Negro no more than prosperity pimps found in mega churches. I will say, however, just like those who actually study and follow the bible or the Christian faith, if you consider yourself as being a conscious person, Pan-Africanist, black Muslim, whatever! If it works for you AND it helps to the betterment of the black community, I have no problem. Now, in transitioning back to Dr. Johnson, the primary reason why I have followed his messages is because he’s the first person I’ve encountered who’s addressed not only the school to prison pipeline in regards to young black boys; but the mis-diagnosing, special education for monetary gain aspect as well.  Unfortunately, when the leader or progenitor who prides himself as being the “Prince of Pan-Africanism,” a Garveyite, and who’s a direct descendant of Fredrick Douglass (a claim he makes), is found being involved with a stripper—scratch that—a so-called conscious stripper, it really speaks volumes.

I’ve heard all of the arguments like “it’s about the message not the man” or “he’s not married, he’s single so what’s the big deal etc.” and to be clear, no one is faulting him for having a sexual relationship. What he does behind closed doors is between him and whoever he’s involved with. However, when that person who prides herself as being an adult entertainer, aka a stripper, is the person you’re involved with and your name is Dr. Umar Johnson; Houston we have a problem. See, it goes like this: In many people’s eyes Umar is considered a person of high esteem and although still fairly young, some laud him as the new voice of black America—like it or not. A Certified School Psychologist and a Dr. of Clinical Psychology, Umar is sought out motivational speaker and tours endlessly across the nation teaching, exhorting, uplifting and challenges his audiences to become more active in their communities especially when it comes to  childhood education. At the center of this controversy lies the proposed school, the Frederick Douglass & Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy (FDMG), that he’s currently raising money and receiving donations via a gofundme account. One can only assume the slanderous and relentless assertion of “fraud” has begun to taint the Dr.’s movement, fundraiser, and more importantly; his character.

conscious stripper

The “conscious” stripper (a name she states Umar had given her) real name is Kym Ringgold. Along with being an adult entertainer, she also describes herself as a Lipsync artist and Pan-African activist; you know the typical pro-black jargon in conjunction with the liberation of our people. Apparently, this “conscious” woman has made it her mission in life to expose Dr. Johnson as being a liar stemming from The Roland Martin Radio Show, where Dr. Johnson was a fill in as a guest host for Martin. During the two hour show, the man who is known as being “unapologetically African,” was definitely unapologetic when he stated:

“I’m not sexually active; I’m celibate.”

-The Roland Martin Radio Show, May 6, 2015

Now in most Negroid circles, a man declaring himself as being celibate would render remarks of ridicule, ribbing, or in Negroid terminology suggest that “you don’t have no game.” But remember, this is Dr. Umar Johnson we’re talking about here. Such an attainment of abstinence for any length of time would have been commendable; primarily because he has a pretty sizable female following. Nevertheless, Ms. Conscious let everyone know in an ongoing barrage of tweets, that Dr. Johnson was being anything else but celibate. Let’s just say the conscious aka pro-black community suffered a hit tantamount of when Karrine Steffens wrote her New York Times bestselling book “Confessions of a Video Vixen.”

Social media has allowed people to express themselves in a bevy of ways. It has allowed the common man to film and upload significant events, celebrations, comedic flare, intimate moments and unfortunate tragedies. However, it has also become the place for juvenile debasement, soft porn, social depravity, ghetto buffoonery, violence, and online harassment called trolling. In case with Ringgold and Johnson, one must decipher if this is really about exposing Dr. Johnson or an attempt for social media fame? Would it be farfetched to say she got tired of Umar’s sexual demands so she decided to expose him as being nothing more than your typical “thirsty” Negro?  Let us think for second here, the only reason why this is a story at all is because of her adult profession. Put aside the fact she claims to be conscious, it’s because of the word “stripper” that black folks have become fixated with this story hands down. Not to mention Ms. Conscious is very easy on the eyes; ahem.

I am no way trying to belittle Ms. Ringgold nor excusing Dr. Johnson for his private escapade gone public by way Twitter and Instagram. In my opinion, this is more than about him just “having sex” with someone; it’s speaks volumes to this stripper culture that has become so embedded within the black community that even a sista who considers herself conscious; thinks there’s nothing wrong with being both openly. I started to compared it to a born-again Christian woman claiming to love the Lord while still a stripper, but that analogy is actually a reality by way of Latascha Emanuel; who conducts bible studies nearly bare chested; and she claims to a MINISTER! Even though Ms. Emanuel states she’s an ex-stripper, however, judging by the subtle nudity in her videos, let’s just say she still has a long, long, long, way to go. But as much as many faithful followers of Umar would love to point to big, bad “white supremacy” and deem this woman an agent sent by the government (side eye); this just lets you know that there’s a problem with the leadership and the followers. Much like Negro church congregants institutionalized by religious rituals, denominations, and clerical hierarchy; the worship of man has bewitched many who follow the leaders of the conscious community and Dr. Umar is no exception.


I really couldn’t tell you what Ms. Ringgold’s motives were for exposing Dr. Johnson no more than knowing why he continued having sexual dealings with her after he found out she was a stripper. However, what I can conclude is that Dr. Johnson: “You made eh mistake breh.” I understand nobody’s perfect, we have our vices, and we’re infallible beings, I get all of that. But calling your accuser a “maggot” and “a tramp disguised as a Queen,” is not a good look to your fellow “Kings and Queens.” Hopefully Dr. Johnson will provide a rueful public apology to his loyal supporters and followers; while seeking guidance from his elders (or how they say The Elders, lol). As far as him calling Ms. Ringgold a “conscious stripper” goes; one can only hope for Dr. Johnson’s sake that there’s no other “Karrine’s” out there who might be more concerned with exposing him for the attention they can garner and social media likes—rather than for him misleading his supporters for living a double life. Peace.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Dr. Umar Johnson’s ‘Striptease’

  1. So what if he did or did not sleep with a stripper. We had a president who was having sexual relations with a worker, priests molesting boys. Please black people don’t be fooled, why have a black sister destroy one of our own, Dr Johnson is still and will always be an excellent motivational speaker for the black community.


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