My Thoughts on Dr. Umar Johnson’s ‘Striptease’



Before I begin this post, I must admit I am a modest supporter of Dr. Umar Johnson. Now, when I say that, I say it because I don’t agree with all of his ideological stances. I don’t believe in praying to the ancestors, all white people are devils, studying ancient Kemet, or calling each other “Kings and Queens.” The idea of having “knowledge of self” hasn’t really helped the Negro no more than prosperity pimps found in mega churches. I will say, however, just like those who actually study and follow the bible or the Christian faith, if you consider yourself as being a conscious person, Pan-Africanist, black Muslim, whatever! If it works for you AND it helps to the betterment of the black community, I have no problem. Now, in transitioning back to Dr. Johnson, the primary reason why I have followed his messages is because he’s the first…

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Dr. Umar Johnson’s ‘Striptease’

  1. Umar and I go way back. He was a powerful and informative speaker when it came to education and the Philadelphia school system, especially pertaining to young boys.
    He blew up as a result of YouTube, Facebook and Sa Neter. The message he speaks now, is not the message from ten years ago. He never spoke about white supremacy and he never addressed us as kings and queens. His peers (who were professional people in education) wasn’t having it, and because they were much older than him.
    Since Umar is from Philly, and he knows that school system very well, my question to him is this: There are many closed schools in Phila and up for sale. How come he didn’t start out small, purchased one of those schools? The NOI purchased St Tommy Moore in Phila and that school has been running for over thirty years.
    These are questions that many of us who knew him before his rise to fame have on our mind. Now, will he call me a “maggot” for asking him questions? Or will he be humble, and realize his ego got in his way of his vision…which was a good one.

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