“God Forgives, Dog Lover’s Don’t.”

michael-vickI really didn’t want to do this blog because I didn’t want to be accused of being “pro-black,” or making this an issue of race. However, because we still have a covert system of systematic white supremacy, I believe this situation, fits the bill. What would you say after someone went to prison, served their time and have made efforts to rehabilitate themselves to become progressive members in society? The only people who know the nature of their crimes is the employer, public record, family members and friends. Their criminal record will follow them as long as they live, but it’s between them and their future employers. However, for Michael Vick, it follows him everywhere-even after he’s showed contrition, remorse, participated in charities, (and continues to do so) and public speaking events denouncing his past criminal acts. Vick continues to be haunted, scrutinized and villianized by the American dog worshiping culture to the extent they want to make sure he never forgets his crimes. Oh, if we could list  the American crimes this country wants YOU to forget. Can you smell the hint of hypocrisy here?

Since Michael Vick signed his 1-year deal with his new team, The New York Jets, there has been a petition (which has now reached over 20,000 signatures) on Change.org by SUNY Cortland wanting Vick banned from practicing on their campus due to his 2007 conviction on felony dog charges. Even though this petition probably won’t work, what I want to deal with is the ongoing cancerous group of people who continue to spew hatred towards Vick after he served his time. This isn’t just about this petition, but several others that are infringing Vick from getting on with his life, even to the point that these people are petitioning against EVERY public endeavor Vick is apart of. There are petitions to ban a speaking engagement, his clothing line and his endorsement deal, which are all available on Change.org website. Of those petitions (his clothing line called V7) is being targeted by these people, even though the proceeds is going towards a Boys and Girls Club in Philadelphia as charitable work. I mean, how do you petition that?! No one, (not even the court who convicted him) is excusing him of his heinous crimes in dog fighting. However, the continuous efforts to assault this man calling him everything from a “psychopath,” to a “murderer,” and other numerous vehement expletives, are completely out of line.

People want to look at the fact that he’s ‘privileged’ because they only see him as avick haters professional football player. The professional athlete always seems to get the quote on quote “second chance,” when they get into trouble off the field. They are expected to be role models, while other entertainers are given excuses by the hypocritical hopeful: the American public. What is happening to Vick is just another extension of the criminal justice system, but it’s disguised by free speech and the court of public opinion (even though public opinion is based on people who get away with their crimes). If Michael Vick wasn’t Michael Vick, he would still have a hard time finding employment due to his felony record. These so-called Americans are basically policing Vick’s every move and I wonder how these efforts have affected him psychologically. But I thought this was America, you know, “the land of second chances?” Sure you’re right, Ray-Ray, sure you’re right.

I understand people have an affinity for animals and in this case dogs, but where is this same passion for the 3,700 babies who are aborted everyday? Can’t hear you America? Maybe because you call it a woman’s right to “Pro-Choice.” Well, what about the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals commonly know as PETA, whose founder Ingrid Newkirk, has admitted to euthanizing  animals. So America, where’s the outcry? The petitions? The constant public policing of this organization? Let me help you; there is none. Yet seven years later, the animal lover’s continue to remind not just Vick, but America, that Vick still doesn’t deserve a second chance? But the second chance I speak of is the rehabilitation for Michael Vick; not just as a football player, but as a human being.


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