Shad Moss (Bow Wow) Said What?!


In our current social climate where everyone is just one “I wish somebody would” away from ranting, raving, or worse, harming someone about a socio-political topic, black folks have become immensely aroused (with good reason) with the current divide and conquer racial narrative propagated by the media. In essence, many black folks are looking to align themselves with so-called “black consciousness” thinking Negroes and looking to alienate or scrutinize others who either dare to tote the line of being “color-blind Negroes” or retorts the “new black” lingo. Such is the case for Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, hip-hop’s last adolescent act prodigy by way of So So Def legendary producer, Jermaine Dupri. Moss in a series of tweets lasting several hours, spoke on how nice the Trump Hotels were and how he’s not really into voting because he believes the system is controlled. This caused some of his followers to question his voting allegiance whether he was pro-Trump or pro-Hillary, due to him being enthralled with the Republican nominee’s hotels


Then Mr. Bow Wow received a guilt trip tweet about what our ancestors did so he could have the right to vote. Then, the 29-year-old entertainer responded in a series of tweets about his ‘mixed ancestry’ to the immediate disgust of the ever trolling ‘Black Twitter’ fanbase. This petulant situation continued to snowball out of control once Moss revealed a picture of his biological father—which further ignited a social media firestorm among the sensitive likes of Black Twitter and Instagram.


Here’s my take on this insignificant matter: Shad Moss was basically talking about politics from his perspective while at the same time appreciating the hospitality, comfort, and luxuries of staying at a premiere Trump hotel. I actually agree with Shad’s position when it comes to voting because the candidates are in fact controlled (which is another word for selected). Even though I applaud people like Carmelo Anthony and others who are using their platforms to take a stance when it comes to social issues; however, we can’t expect ALL athletes and entertainers to be on one accord and Bow Wow is no exception. He gave his honest answer about politics and how he isn’t pro-Trump, yet you have Negroes fussing about him claiming his Cuban, White and Native roots?  I understand he’s cocky, arrogant, and continues to hit the reset button in his mind which keeps him “arrested” in the 2000’s era when his status was most potent as a child star. This is one of the main reasons why he receives a titanic load of hatred because Moss truly believes he’s attained the level of greatness which pencils him in with the upper echelon of hip-hops elites (feel free to laugh people). Based off the tweets I’ve seen, Moss should have of done a better job in explaining his “blackness” because once you declare yourself as a racial/ethnical “other” (when the visual doesn’t add up), be prepared for the ambush of Black Twitter to make you trend for all the wrong reasons. Peace and love y’all!


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