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I'm not considered the average because I love being a introvert! However, since I like honest discourse, I find myself engaging in healthy productive conversations. Never ashamed to speak on social-political issues. From Columbus, Ohio, I spend most of my time reading and posting comments on vlogs by way of You Tube and Twitter. Lover of God and Fatherhood, outside of blogging I enjoy watching and reading documentaries and historic events.

Why Pastor Jamal Bryant Didn’t Listen To Chris Brown

Nearly two years ago next month, the black church and various other media outlets and blogs couldn’t wait to dispel the latest sentiments from a message involving mega church Pastor Jamal Bryant. Bryant, who’s certainly no stranger when it comes to controversy both in and outside of the pulpit, received an enormous amount of scrutiny and public backlash when he preached a sermon that contained a line from current R&B bad boy Chris Brown and his latest song at that time, “These H**s [Girls] Ain’t Loyal.” Seems like the mega church Pastor can’t leave these ‘girls’ alone as yet another woman has come forward alleging Bryant is the father of her newborn son. According to reports from The Christian Times, the child’s mother, Latoya Shawntee Odom, a 34-year old Californian massage therapist, bare it all to Obnoxious Television through a series of text messages that she had a sexual relationship with the popular pastor and gave birth to his son, who she named John Karston Bryant, in July 2015. The woman also freely and willingly provided Obnoxious Media a copy of the paternity tests that Bryant has requested and paid for. The test was carried out by LB Genetics, one of the most trusted DNA testing facilities in California among U.S. federal courts. The facility specializes in paternity, family relationship, and human identification testing. Test results sent to Odom showed that Bryant is 99.9999% to the 10-month-old boy.

The founder of Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Church and son of Bishop John Richard Bryant, the charismatic pastor have undergone several scandals involving women before which eventually lead to the divorce of his now estranged wife, Gizelle Bryant, back in 2008. Bryant appeared to show a level of contrition and sincerity in an interview he did with Roland Martin entitled, Drama in the Church: Temptation Ended His Marriage, Nearly Destroyed the Ministry of Pastor Bryant. In the candid 2013 interview, the then rejuvenated reverend spoke about how God restored his ministry after an extramarital affair nearly tore it apart. As Bryant explains:

“My father [Roland] asked me a critical question: ‘Were you preaching for applause? If you were preaching for applause and the people—it was a performance. But if you preaching because of your calling—your assignment; the same passion you had when there was thousands; is the same kind of intention now that you got to have now there’s been reduced to hundreds’” (…)

Since the interview, Bryant was again catapulted to the spotlight and appeared on numerous nationally syndicated platforms, reality shows as a spiritual adviser, mentor, and recently as a prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter movement. Just last month, Rev. Bryant held a peace march which signaled the one-year anniversary death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, and the civil unrest that transpired. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Bryant left an online message asking those listening to invite as many people as possible, and to come from all across the region. Bryant further stated:

“Come in from D.C., from Virginia, from Delaware, from Philadelphia, from New York. Come on y’all. Stand with Baltimore. Let’s make a change. Let’s change this city. Let’s change the narrative. Let’s change a generation.”

Now with this latest scandal being added to his philanderous belt, reports have also surfaced that Mr. ‘Black Lives Matter’ Bryant also pressured Ms. Odom to have an abortion because his career—I mean ministry, couldn’t sustain another devastating blow. The tumultuous timing couldn’t have come at a more celebratory time in Bryant’s life as he and several others who I call, ‘motivational ministers’, are set to star in an upcoming show called, The Preachers.


It will be interesting to see how Bryant’s church and those in the clerical hierarchy handle or discipline the reverend this time (if at all) due to his ‘celebrity’ status. Among a plethora of issues which reside in the Negro church, the ongoing lax of church discipline when it comes to certain leaders (mostly males) is staggering. Whereas if this had of been a woman caught ‘hoeing it up’ in like manner, not only would she had been told to step down, but she would have been ostracized in front of that congregation and told to leave the ministry. The double standard is indeed frightening when it comes to these popular ministers who, no matter what they do, people will claim they have been called of God and will tell you to keep your mouth off the manned or woman of Gawd (you know, the whole touch not my anointed scripture). It truly baffles my mind because you would think if this pastor was bold enough to recite some Chris Brown’s lyrics in his sermon, at the very least you would think he’d watched himself in this current “exposure” culture. No, I’m not excusing passa Bryant for his continuous indiscretions out of the pulpit. As the saying goes, ‘What’s done in the dark will eventually come to the light,’ even if that light is for attention that could pay dividends that  includes a reality show—which leads me to Latoya Odom. I find it strange that Bryant’s massage mistress would come forward with this (not surprisingly) bombshell against him even though he’s supporting their lovechild financially. The DNA test as reported and leaked by Ms. Odom herself was done last year in August according to Obnoxious Television’s blog. I guess she wants to put it all out there and not look like the typical church jump off, but to become transparent with her future audience because after all, she’s studying to become, you guessed it—a pastor herself. I guess this trial or test will become a testimony for either Bryant or Odom as well. The only surprise is who will regurgitate that line first between the two.

Peace and love y’all!

Tariq Nasheed’s Coon Train Awards, and the Death of Will Smith


Yesterday night I had the temerity to watch the “Plantation Celebration” aka the “Coon Train Awards,” hosted by Mr. Hidden Colors himself, Tariq Nasheed. Mr. Nasheed is an accomplished author in his own right most notably known for his “giving you the game literature” which includes The Mack Within, The Elite Way, and The Art of Mackin,’ which has made him a New York Times bestselling writer. The brother is a self-made entrepreneur and tours the country giving lectures about the system of white supremacy, group economics, and relational advice. True indeed, Tariq has become a fixture in the black community when it comes to African (or what he calls Melaninated) history, culture, and religion, thus his popular Hidden Colors series. However, there is a “cause to pause” if you will when it comes to some of this brother’s viewpoints and ideologies. My cause to pause is with creating an award show based off a racist term called “cooning.” Now before you think I deserve one of those insignificant awards, please slow your roll. I understand there’s Negroes who are “selected” to tap dance on conservative talk forums such as CNN and Fox News. Whenever there’s a racial conversation that involves a murder or beating of a black vs white counterpart, they’re quick to always bring on your Allen West, Juan Williams, and Larry Elders’ of the world to tell what black folks should or are doing. One of the key talking points is “black-on-black violence.” This is an imperative issue that cannot be ignored, but in the case of Mr. Nasheed and his followers, it’s the white man’s fault.

Now I’m not excusing the systematic racism/discrimination which has haunted the African-American since the time of slavery and Jim Crow. That can’t be refuted or denied. Yet, many of us continue to harp on the horrible history of slavery for our transgressions in the modern era and our voting demographic displays we still act like slaves checking the Democratic box! The insanity baffles me, really. Anyways, I place a critical eye on Mr. Nasheed because he calls people who tout the rhetoric of black crime as coons. Understandably, I get where he’s coming from when blacks are used to spout what whites say on their networks but use a black face, aka a Stacey Dash. But, it doesn’t negate the real core issue that we have within our community when it comes to these inexcusable acts of violence. So while Tariq and friends were clowning or celebrating your so-called coons of black America, it doesn’t dispel the salient talking point about black-on-black violence. Case in point, I give you former Buckeye and New Orleans Saint, Defensive End Will Smith.

In a report by ABC News:

“A man was arrested Sunday in the shooting death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith, who helped the team win Super Bowl XLIV, its only championship. Smith was rear-ended while driving in New Orleans’s Lower Garden District on Saturday night, causing him to hit a vehicle in front of him, police said. The driver of the vehicle that hit Smith, identified by police as Cardell Hayes, “exchanged words” with the former football player after the crash. Hayes, 28, then drew a handgun and shot Smith several times, police said.

Hayes stayed at the scene, police said, and a handgun was recovered from the area. Hayes was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.” You heard that right, Mr. Smith was shot to death by a Negro who hit his car and resorted in pulling a gun on the highly touted football star. This brings me to Mr. Nasheed and his followers.


Am I naïve in believing there’s no such thing as racism or that we as a people have “crossed over” in regards to racism as a whole? Of course not people. However, what I will say and stand behind is our senseless behavior as black men when it comes to wanting to kill a n*gga on site mentality. It is disgusting, pervasive, and an absolute scourge on us as a people. I don’t want to hear about what other ethnic groups do in comparisons to us. Quit the deflections already. Whether you agree with the “coons” Tariq talks about or not, they are not our biggest threat especially us black men. We are our own worst enemy and we can’t just toss it off and say dudes like Cardell Hayes are quote, “dusty.” These Negroes have been a cancer in our society and with the abundance of single parent homes, this attitude has turned savage. Yea, that’s right, savage is not the term I want to label them as, but it’s what the young and arrested developmental minded Negroes call themselves! It’s insane!

Again, if you think I’m trashing Mr. Nasheed and those of his ilk, then you’ve missed my overall point. You had a guy die over something so petty it doesn’t need to be repeated. How many times have we died over frivolous things such as a pair of shoes, a sporty jacket, or what some female said about being “disrespected.” This is what separates us from other ethnic groups because we can’t use the excuse of economic deprivation anymore; especially when we embrace the hood aka “Get it how you live,” culture. You know the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” well in the case of many of us, we have diabetes. Although many people will call me names about writing this blog about black-on-black crime, just remember this: A problem only exists when one not only fails acknowledge it, but doesn’t try their damnedest to fix it. Shout out to New Era Detroit. Peace y’all!



From Patrick Kane to Kevin Durant: Why Stephen A. Just Can’t Win



“You don’t want to make an enemy out of me.”

Needless to say, last week was a very eventful one for Mr. Stephen A. Smith. After responding to Kevin Durant’s comments about him being a “liar” and that he “makes up stories;” Smith took his national program on Monday ESPN2’s First Take; and delivered what many has considered a “personal threat” towards the basketball star. Smith’s lengthy diatribe made him an instant trending topic on social media via the Twitter. As expected, there were some cheers, but there were also many, many jeers.

Now while agree that…

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Brent Grimes, Landon Collins and the Weakness of Black Men



I really hope I don’t have to begin this blog explaining that I’m not referring to all black men. I’m strictly talking about Negro men who fit into the category of weak men. Now you may be wondering what qualifies me to make an assertion or classify a brother as weak. After all, there’re plenty of websites, chatrooms, magazines, forums and blogs, full of opinionated (and often frustrated)  black women who claims there’s no good black men; and, because she’s so educated and or successful in corporate America, brothers aren’t on her level. One of the biggest problems in black America is that our women not only determine our manhood (by how many of them we’ve slept with), they define or interpret it. For those who know, raise your hands if you’ve heard a black woman either tell you or some other guy, “You’re not a real man.” It’s as…

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D’Angelo Russell & the World Star Generation


Welcome to the information age, aka the crest of technology. While some of us are worried about the government interference and unscrupulous invasion of privacy through programs such as the NSA, the actual intruders that we need to worry about are those own the latest I-Phone. Since the advent of social media, we have regressed in many ways into an opportunistic, attention-starved, put you straight on blast culture where we look for the acceptance of people we don’t know from Adam; with the end result of achieving more Twitter/Facebook likes, or that our video would go viral. Regardless, many of our histrionic personal ways requires that we become the center of attention, no matter how vulgar or superficial it is. We demand that everyone treat us like the posthumous Tupac in his song, “All Eyes on Me.” This is why we keep our phones on deck at all times to record the often instigated street/school fight, people engaging in explicit sexual acts, private (supposed to be) conversations, even to the most surprisingly positive or humorous feats;  the footage of our up’s and down’s are all available for public consumption. Apparently, this is what first year NBA player D’Angelo Russell must have thought when he secretly recorded a private conversation with his teammate, Nick Young (boyfriend of famed rapper Iggy Azalea), about a previous rendezvous with an alleged 19-year old, and why he didn’t holler at Amber Rose. The only thing that was missing from Russell’s scandalous, skullduggerish actions is he didn’t yell out the petulant phrase, “World Star!” How egregious.


While many will point to the fact that Russell broke the man or the “playa code,” Russell is only merely doing to what our culture has indoctrinated in him. While I do concur that D’Angelo broke the man code like some gossiping Wendy Williams type female; however, we can also conclude that this young, millennial, Negro wanted the cachet of social media, instead became its latest causality due to his thoughtless actions and immaturity–which is a glaring reflection of our society. Although Mr. Angelo is a public figure by way of his basketball talent; however, one must remember it is the very same public figures, entertainers, Instagram models and overnight You Tube sensations, which has enticed and infatuated the common man into thinking they are one click away from pop cultural ascension, acceptance and notoriety.

Please understand, I go easily disseminate or regurgitate what many other media sites such as ESPN are reporting about the dissension or fracas within the Lakers locker room (btw they won their game tonight vs. the Heat) ; but that’s not my angle nor the reason why I wrote this blog. This story intrigued me because it ran consecutively within the past several days of people with major and minor celebrity status that decided to put their personal business on blast by way of Twitter and Instagram. Whether it was Kyrie Irving and his suicidal girlfriend Kehlani, who was accused of cheating on Irving once an Instagram pic from some guy named PartyNextDoor surfaced. To the seemingly controversial ex-video vixen turned established author, Karrine Steffans, whose video was leaked over allegations of cheating and substance abuse with current husband, actor Columbus Short. Sadly, many of us walking dead “followers” pattern our lives vicariously through our favorite celebrity with the gap between the famous and the ordinary is just a friend request away. I truly only feel bad for Russell because he’d played his college ball here in Columbus, Ohio for that school I shall not mention because I despise their football program. D’Angelo has since apologized for his inconceivable, underhanded, and nearly unforgivable act as he was quoted in ESPN saying, “I can’t really show my face anywhere without people hating me right now.” After his Lakers defeated the visiting Miami Heat 102 to 100, Russell gave his conclusion about his shenanigans and how he doesn’t feel so isolated.

“Nah, I wouldn’t necessarily say that,” he said. “There’s been a bad vibe, but we’re human. So everybody has two cents to say. We’ve just got to clear the air, I guess.”

Get it together Russell and please, grow up! Otherwise they’ll trade you somewhere into NBA obscurity; and with the league being mostly black, one thing Negroes will concede upon is not tolerating a snitch. Peace y’all!


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Brent Grimes, Landon Collins and the Weakness of Black Men



I really hope I don’t have to begin this blog explaining that I’m not referring to all black men. I’m strictly talking about Negro men who fit into the category of weak men. Now you may be wondering what qualifies me to make an assertion or classify a brother as weak. After all, there’re plenty of websites, chatrooms, magazines, forums and blogs, full of opinionated (and often frustrated)  black women who claims there’s no good black men; and, because she’s so educated and or successful in corporate America, brothers aren’t on her level. One of the biggest problems in black America is that our women not only determine our manhood (by how many of them we’ve slept with), they define or interpret it. For those who know, raise your hands if you’ve heard a black woman either tell you or some other guy, “You’re not a real man.” It’s as if she wrote the manuscript on black manhood or at least provided a foreword in the book! Moving on, it is my understanding that men set the barometer for manhood, not women. It has been extremely unfortunate for us black men that we have based our manhood, our rite of passage, heck like Memphis Bleek, our “Coming of Age,” based around sexual encounters and conquests with our women. We have become sexual slaves to what’s between our women’s legs and they know it.  Manhood is not simply determined by how much money you make, what job you occupy, or how kids you have and take care of (although these attributes are important btw), but it is how much your woman (get ready) respects and honors you! I know you’re thinking well isn’t that the same thing that you aforementioned above? No. Now follow me as I explain.

Brent Grimes fought his way to earn an NFL contract after being an undrafted free agent in 2006. His situation would begin to improve in 2007 when the Atlanta Falcons picked him up after originally parting ways with him due to a groin injury. Grimes played special teams for the Falcons in the 2007 and 2008 seasons. The very next year, Grimes recorded career-high in interceptions (6) and recorded 66 tackles. Eventually, Grimes got his payday with the Miami Dolphins when he cashed in a $32 million dollar contract ($16 guaranteed) in 2014. However, in light of his success, he had Miko—who wanted the limelight as well. She made herself known when a birthday cake was made showing her explicit talents. Since then, she has made more publicity and social media headway than her husband—a husband she’s nearly 10 years older than. Yes, when you look at this couple you see a boy and his Momma. Is this mic on, you’re seeing a sick Freudian Oedipus complex with Brent and his wife, Miko. After being arrested last year for disorderly conduct and later fired from being the host of 560-WQAM radio show; it was alleged that Brent’s new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, told the belligerent Mrs. Grimes to delete her Twitter account. She has since reactivated her account.2FA87F6D00000578-0-image-a-108_1451343984883

I’m only speaking of Brent Grimes because there’s a sickness with many black men and it’s that they have succumbed to being matriarchal. I know you’re thinking, “He brings in the money,” but the problem is his WOMAN leads him. This is very troubling because most women don’t respect a weak man. Men are created to lead, protect, and provide; and in Brent’s case, he does not lead—and Miko knows it and openly doesn’t respect him. Women are created to submit to leadership especially towards their husbands; however, when the man operates outside of his creation-oriented role, the woman becomes the de facto leader even if she has to use her physical “assets” to do it. This seems to be the bases of their marriage as seen on VICE Sports and a birthday cake where Miko is shown performing a sexually explicit act. Apparently, Brent judges his manhood by his sexual prowess and his physical infatuation towards his wife which allows her to control him with it, thus doing whatever the heck she wants on social media and public platforms. But what do expect when she’s nearly ten years his senior.

Speaking of sexual prowess, there’s seems to be immense problem with the Negro athlete even before he reaches the professional NFL/NBA level. While I understand that many of these athletes come from impoverished backgrounds that are headed usually by single mothers; the Negro athlete is basically forced to enter the league (barring how promising his collegiate career was) due to his delinquent sexual behavior. Not excusing the women who many of them are open and secret groupies, but how many times have you’ve seen a Negro athlete on draft day or prior, state he has to go to the league to take care of his family? Now I do understand this assumption could include his direct family, but mostly it’s about him having to take care of a Negro female or two that he has a baby or two by. Notice that when you watch the televised draft that you will hardly ever see white athletes with a newborn child hanging from a girlfriend their mothers arm? Unfortunately, when it comes to the black athlete, there’s a circle full of women, a homeboy or brother and maybe, just maybe, the blacks males step-biological father.

Many black athletes set themselves coming out the gate behind the proverbial eight ball by already having children thinking their illustrious playing careers will last forever. They soon find out that alimony (if they actually get married) and child support last a heck of a lot longer than their careers. This leads me to Landon Collins who is a first year player at safety for the N.Y. Giants. It has been reported from several media outlets that the former Alabama Crimson Tide standout has impregnated 3 different women within days of each other. That’s right people. The 22-year old safety has already placed a future strain on his wallet regardless of how much his rookie salary is. It won’t be enough even IF he lasted past the NFL career average of 3.3 years. Oh, and by the way, he just got engaged; which will probably lead to another child. I guess as many other media outlets have suggested that he will be in the running to dethrone players like Antonio Cromartie, Shawn Kemp, Travis Henry, and Dwight Howard and sadly the list goes on.  Whether they understand it or not, Negro athletes who fit this template of irresponsibility not only hurt themselves financially, but they continue the broken family syndrome; on purpose.


My intent wasn’t to defame or disrespect black athletes when writing this blog. Actually, it took me a few weeks to do it because sexual irresponsibility is something that many of us are guilty of. Again, many of us grow up with a matriarchal mindset so we think we are created to serve to woman’s wants—and we define our manhood and worthiness by it. However, her needs is the core issue and she needs a man to lead and if she has her mind right, she need us as fathers and husbands IN the home. I understand that every relationship is meant to be, but if there’s children involved, there ought to be a balance in parenting. Yet in our current acceptable sexually promiscuous climate, as black men we can ill afford to be irresponsible in the bedroom because the law is set up for the woman to be advantageous and unaccountable. This what makes us weak because when a woman is in perceived power, whether in marriage or not, it goes against the creation-oriented patriarchal role that is destroying the black community. Relax ladies; don’t get bent out of shape because I said a feminist hate word (patriarchal). Men were created to lead, protect, provide and educate; something which is missing when he’s irresponsible with his, well you know. Peace y’all!


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‘Katpacalypse’ is Definitely Becoming More Fact than Fiction for Katt Williams


If you would have told me my first blog post of the new year would have involved troubled comedian Katt Williams, I would told you I have better articles to write about. Instead, I sit here this morning in complete disbelief as the world is watching Katt Williams literally throw away a once promising stand-up career. Williams, 42, was recorded a few days ago on video getting the perm stomped out of him at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia, PA after Williams ran up on a member of Sigel’s entourage and threw what some are calling a “sucker punch.” This comes just after an incident he had in Gainseville, GA with a pool supply employee when Williams two-pieced the guy because Williams claimed he was called the N-word. After being arrested and charged with battery, video of Williams was leaked during his Conspiracy Tour in Atlanta of him calling fellow famed comedian Kevin Hart a “Hollywood Puppet” and challenging him to $5 million dollar battle. The Pimp Chronicles star later apologized for his remarks towards Hart during an interview with Big Tigger at Atlanta’s V-103 radio station; however, issued yet another challenge to another comedian, this year’s Oscar host Chris Rock.


After the video surfaced of Williams looking like he was at an old school Brand Nubian concert (Punks Jump up To Get Beat Down), he instantly became a trending topic on Twitter receiving mixed reactions from fans and some hinting his career might be over. Even Katt himself posted a video to WorldStarHipHop, where spoke about taking “nothing but w’s” during the debacle in Philly and further speculated he might be retiring from stand-up comedy for good. Over the past several years, it has surely been a “Kattpacalypse” for Williams as he’s been known more his erratic onstage behavior, missed shows, various assaults, arrests and outlandish conspiracy theories. Once regarded as your comedian’s favorite comedian, Williams has become a tabloid magnet for controversy (ahem, TMZ) and cause celebre, leaving many wondering if Williams is mentally-ill or truly on that ‘stuff.’ With Williams currently still on his Conspiracy Tour, one can only wonder if the once considered comedic genius can actually finish his tour dates, and avoid any further altercations, arrests, and onstage debasement. All jokes aside, I hope who’s ever managing or around the embroiled star, gets Katt the help he needs instead of having the show must go on approach because Williams is definitely a “pimp down.” Peace y’all.