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I'm not considered the average because I love being a introvert! However, since I like honest discourse, I find myself engaging in healthy productive conversations. Never ashamed to speak on social-political issues. From Columbus, Ohio, I spend most of my time reading and posting comments on vlogs by way of You Tube and Twitter. Lover of God and Fatherhood, outside of blogging I enjoy watching and reading documentaries and historic events.

The Mis-Education of The Bible: Negroland


Is Jesus Black 1

The term ‘mis-education’ has been tossed around since the days of the historical, intellectual, brilliancy of  Carter G. Woodson, right down to the contemporary musical genius of Lauryn Hill. The American Negro has been constantly catching up with his undiscovered past and hidden heritage concealed by white and black religious authority. This is why there is no comprehensive study about the American Negro at your prominent, prestigious, theological seminary; except for how missionaries and abolitionist rescued and fought for American blacks emancipation. Nevertheless, white theologians have yet to discuss not only the history of the black church, but the cultural importance; the historical ‘black’ significance detailed in the scriptures; and the rise and fall of this social institution. The white Jesus template only did nothing but reinforce a white superiority construct; which still remains in the psyche of many African-American parishioners

For those of the contrary who may say it’s…

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“Sixteen Shots & Dead Presidents”


While many Chicagoan’s continue to protest the death of 17-year old Laquan McDonald at the hands of a Chicago police officer, one question comes to mind is why did this story take this long to come out? Certainly, the media has no qualms about reporting the black versus white [cop] narrative so how come this story didn’t take precedent like the Mike Brown’s, Eric Garner’s, and Tamir Rice’s, of the world? If it wasn’t for a lawsuit filed in August by a freelance journalist named Brandon Smith; Officer Jason Van Dyke, would still be patrolling the streets of Chicago—and worst, he would have gotten away with first degree murder. Under the Freedom of Information Act, a judge ruled in Smith’s favor and the video was released by the city this past Tuesday to an awaiting public, which sparked immediate outrage and civil unrest. In the video, Officer Van Dyke and along with another officer, approach McDonald holding an unidentified weapon, and Van Dyke fired on McDonald execution-style within seconds from leaving his police vehicle. Van Dyke would continue to unload his magazine only stopping once the final bullet emptied his 16-round handgun. McDonald was shot 16 times in 14 seconds.

Per reports from Fraternal Order of Police via Huffington Post, a spokesman told the Chicago Tribune that the suspect had lunged at the officers with a knife, prompting one of them [Van Dyke] to open fire  (feel free to side-eye right here). He continued in saying that the officers had asked McDonald to drop the knife and were waiting for other officers to arrive with stun guns on the scene. He mentioned McDonald had a crazed look on his face (due to PCP usage) and because he had slashed some tires on a couple of vehicles; it was a clear-cut case of “self-defense.” Right now I can even hear Chad Johnson’s voice in my mind saying, “Child please.” I originally contemplated whether or not I would blog about another young black male gunned down by who rapper KRS-1 would call an “Overseer;” it’s simply hard to ignore the dash cam video of Overseer Van Dyke striking McDonald at literally point-blank range. It is also arduous to ignore 16 bullets. With a career spanning 14 years, Van Dyke, 37, is no stranger to complaints and lawsuits. In fact, according to, the database shows that of the 20 complaints against Van Dyke none resulted in discipline. Five complaints in the database were “not sustained,” five were unfounded, four resulted in exoneration, five had unknown outcomes and one resulted in no action taken.  In this past April, the Chicago Tribune revealed Van Dyke’s name and his history of civilian complaints—including several brutality complaints, one of which cost the city $500,000 in a civil lawsuit—none of which resulted in any disciplinary action per Chicago Reporter.


As Chicagoan’s get ready to patronize Michigan Avenue searching intently for the latest Black Friday deals, they might be met by a crowd of impassioned demonstrators; mostly those of the Black Lives Matter ilk. Update: According to the Daily Caller, braving cold temperatures, a light drizzle and a mighty wind that was miserable even by Second City standards, about 2,000 protesters took to Chicago’s glitzy Magnificent Mile shopping district on Friday afternoon to protest the 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old black teenager Laquan McDonald by a white police officer and the city’s slow response to the incident. Now let me be every clear just in case you’ve have never read any of my blogs before. I make no apologies about my utter disdain for the Black Live Matter-Barnum & Bailey Circus; but it’s not because I don’t care about black people. That would be farcical! My problem with the movement is that besides being disingenuous about their actual ‘agenda;’ they are funded by who Human Events calls, “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country,” billionaire George Soros. And as the saying goes, “whoever funds your movement, runs your movement.” Alright, sorry for going off on a tangent there; anyways, there was also something else that struck a chord with me about this case. I mean, if it had not been for freelance writer and his attorney, again, this case wouldn’t even made it to the light of day. So where was Laquan’s parent or parents? Where was his family and why weren’t they there with Mr. Smith and his attorney in arrant support? Let’s just say his family had five million reasons not to be.


In most of these cases involving a young black male being murdered by law enforcement, the victim’s background is usually a tumultuous one; and Laquan is no exception. According to court documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune; “McDonald’s father abandoned the family and had no presence in his life. At 3, McDonald became a ward of the state when the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services took him into protective custody over allegations that his mother had neglected him, according to state records.  He spent about two months in foster care before he was moved to a relative’s home and eventually back to his mother in 2002. But after just a little more than a year, he was again back in foster care when his mother’s boyfriend beat him, causing cuts, welts and bruises, according to the records. McDonald was placed with his great-grandmother in 2003, and she eventually became his legal guardian. He lived with her for about a decade before she died in 2013 and he was placed with an uncle. Court files show he racked up numerous juvenile arrests and had spent time in juvenile lockup (…)”

Things starting to fall into place for McDonald when he moved in with his uncle and enrolled in Sullivan House Alternative School in May 2014. Laquan was forming good relationships with the staff and would even arrive to school early. In a story done by Dorothy Tucker of CBS 2 (Chicago) entitled, Who Was Laquan McDonald,  Tucker spoke candidly with educators, family and friends about who was the real Laquan McDonald. “Happy…and just wanted to be around to be around somebody and feel loved,” said Yolanda Hoskins, whose son and Laquan were best friends. “He wasn’t a threat to no one,” Hoskins said. “He didn’t deserve to be executed like that.” Hoskins also spoke affectionately about how McDonald liked basketball, tacos, and gym shoes, but she also confirmed he had a troubled past which includes him being molested. As for the rest of McDonald’s family—mainly his mother and sister—the City Council had approved a $5 million dollar settlement when the family’s attorneys had obtained the same video America saw this week in horror. Per Chicago Reporter: The video showed McDonald walking away from the police at the time of the shooting, contradicting the police story he was threatening or had “lunged at” cops. The settlement included a provision keeping the video confidential, per Chicago Reporter.

A posthumous rapper once said; “You’re nobody until somebody kills you,” couldn’t this be more factual about the black community? Think about it. This story is only getting the press it deserves because Laquan was murdered by a white cop and we have yet to hear from the grief stricken mother or in-law about his death. I know people want to blame the mayor, the police department, and you’re entitled to do so. However, this child was failed by a father and a mother who didn’t want him in the first place. This child was a ward of the state; so how dare a parent, who’s had a career of negligence, is allowed to reap the corruption of a crooked government and  fraternal order? But I guess this is allowed to happen because after all; this is Chicago: home of the hustler, the criminal and political demagoguery. So sad that Laquan wasn’t nobody until a white cop killed him, and his so-called family was allowed to receive a check for his death.

My Thoughts on Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America


The issue of race has always been a complex and controversial subject in this country. Black folks have spent years discussing racism on various platforms, rallies, talk shows, radio shows, and through classic literary works. Nevertheless, the discussion of race has eluded the Negro unless discussed in an academic setting i.e. an English or Sociology course; but as a matter of political demagoguery, racism is often used by white liberals to deter blacks from ever voting Republican thus ensuring the black vote remains predominantly Democratic. So when the issue of race is addressed between American blacks and whites it’s mainly used to guilt naive white people due to the legacy of slavery; and to instigate and inflame blacks linking them to slavery and reminding them of systemic racism through post-traumatic slave disorder. I personally do not espouse to the post-traumatic slave disorder rhetoric; however, that is not to say that racism doesn’t exist in this ill-gotten country. As cynical as this may sound, racism will always exist in America no matter how “progressive” talking heads and celebrities want to say otherwise. Such is a case involving a Kentucky circuit court judge, Olu Stevens, who’s been making headlines because he decided to dismiss a primarily all-white jury panel (40-1) in a case involving two black men and a white family. Judge Stevens became “deeply offended” towards the victim’s family (Jordan Gray) who wrote an impact statement letter expressing her daughter’s continual fear towards “all black men.” Stevens has been called racist for both dismissing the panel jury and criticizing the Jordan family for “accepting that kind of mentality.” That mentality, Stevens is referring to is a generalization for an entire race of people; something black folks are continually stigmatized by American whites. So as I viewed Shining a Light, would there actually be an honest and candid discussion about race? Or with all of the celebrity A-listers would I just be in for something similar to Lou Rawls’ Negro College Fund with a hint of Live 8 and Sunday’s Best?

A+E Networks "Shining A Light" Concert
LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 18: (L-R) Recording artists Zac Brown, Tori Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Jill Scott, Eric Church, Miguel and Smokey Robinson perform onstage at A+E Networks “Shining A Light” concert at The Shrine Auditorium on November 18, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

The event seems to focus on what they call the tragic events which happened in Charleston, SC involving the deaths of nine congregants at the Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church because of their race. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I believe the attack was a hoax/false flag event like just many other ‘terrorist’ attacks happening recently. The crisis actors, the shooter going to a fast food restaurant after being arrested, and the families being awarded $29 million dollars two days after the shooting. Oh yeah, and all of them forgave the guy which is part of the reason why their having this concert for race progress. The program wants everyone but especially black folks, to sing those typical civil rights anthems of “We shall overcome,” and “Someday we’ll all be free,” which was actually performed by John Legend and Pink. The Shining a Light program included a diverse group of people from different ethnical backgrounds mostly speaking on the importance of change, equality (which to me is a bad word), love, and oneness which when I hear that and equality; the real racial rift primarily between blacks and whites, will not be addressed. Instead, programs like this will focus on social justice reform which to me means more young millennials forming groups using social media to lash out at the slightest form of micro-aggression.

There was an interesting turn in the program when they decided to speak to the wives’ of Ferguson, Missouri police officers. This was done to fuel the liberal narrative which is that blacks only have racial issues with white law enforcement officers. Again, this is not to say that there isn’t a substantial divide between many law enforcement officers and blacks. I mean, racial profiling does exist, but if you were to ask the wives’ of some of the officers interviewed, they said race didn’t play apart in the death of Michael Brown; an absolute “No-No” to the Ferguson protestors and others. Then there was the interview Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who was called to police the demonstrators after the Ferguson riots (while becoming a media darling as well), elaborate on the necessary steps needed by everyone to build trust in law enforcement and the community. After a few performances, the scene shifts to another city—Baltimore, MD–which was affected earlier this year by racial tensions between blacks and police. Rather than bring up the Freddie Gray case, they decided to film singer/songwriter Alicia Keys visiting a community center and speaking to a group of single mothers. Single mother’s which included the liberal media’s mother of the year for smacking, I mean rescuing her son; Toya Graham.

The only conclusion I could come away with after watching Shining a Light is that as far as racial progress goes the only thing blacks will ever get out of these events is more awareness spreading using the black struggle, hardships, and tragedies, as the face of another agenda altogether. It’s the equivalent of Black Lives Matter using murdered black males as a front, but the real agenda is equal rights which are more geared towards gender, sexuality, and cultural (social) Marxist thought; instead of the issue of black lives. Shining a Light is no different because though it may tout that they’re raising concerns about racial divisiveness and criminal reform; however, the actual issue of race-relations gets curtailed to interactions with police and ultimately, as a society we need to do better. That’s integration 2.0 ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, these groups only tend to the stereotypical impoverished single mother (i.e. the Toya Graham’s of the world), her children desiring to grow up in safer conditions, and the often absenteeism of the illegitimate father. I wonder if Judge Stevens would consider this too as an over generalization of an entire race? Certainly, the liberal media doesn’t have a problem with it

The problem of race, racism and racial progress will only be talked about from the level of which the media covers it using spin control to cause division. So while racism and discrimination does still exists to a degree; however, going to the same people you’re saying is oppressing you and asking them to fix it; is absolutely asinine. If we really want to deal with racism we need to look no further than the blacks post Reconstruction. They had a different attitude, mindset, work ethic, determination, and strength. Yet somewhere along the road of opposition and overt oppression during the 20th century; that Negro lost his way and is bordering extinction. So as long as there are events like Shining a Light, Black Lives Matter, and a host of various social justice groups; black people will still be left singing the same Negro spiritual: “We shall overcome,” for another 50 years.

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Black Death Grows in Its Capacity; but We’re Numb to Its Reality


I was recently having a sincere conversation with the “Mother of all Civilization,” (just kidding) my very own mother as she wanted to share with me a word or message she kept receiving in her spirit. “Black people are on the verge of extinction,” she lamented in a brittle voice. It was as if she had read my mind or the very auspices of my heart. I find it often difficult to share such grief with anyone of related melanin in fear of coming off as a cantankerous pessimist, or your message being compared to the guy who just got saved and wants to share his religion like my name was Sharif; and you’re trying to reach Negroes like O-Dog and Caine. They don’t want to hear it because they rather live in this strong delusional state of what Taleeb Starkes would call “niggertivity.” The only time we’re actually awaken [briefly] from our stupor, is if we’re gunned down by white cops or are angered by any black who speaks critically of us who you call quote on quote, “Uncle Toms.” Does it mean I condone unarmed black people being gunned down by potential rouge cops? No. But even the media’s over-sensationalizing of the term “unarmed” has been nothing bait used to rattle our frail emotions to even further demonstrate that some black people are still gullible to slave-like pathology. We’re still under the impression that our local police departments are in our neighborhoods to serve and protect us when in reality they are only there to police us. This is why when you go into a predominantly all-white neighborhood suburb, YOU are quickly spotted and monitored by casual residents and so-called neighborhood watchmen a la the Zimmerman’s of the world (or the ones who are classified as white) and soon enough your presence is known on a cop’s radar under suspicious activity. The new Ferguson, or Cleveland, is doing the same song and dance with its historically favorite dance partner: The white liberal. After the riots and protests that erupted in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, Cleveland has been selected to potentially participate in the “riot lottery,” where criminals become martyrs by way of police brutality; meanwhile agent provocateurs infiltrate these marches in lieu to destroying a section of the city all in the name of “No Justice, No Peace.”

As I and many others have already stated before, black lives really don’t matter to black folks unless that life is taken by the quote on quote enemy called “the white man.” The ear ticking doctrine of victimization brought to you white liberals, black apologists posing as intellectuals, and race hustlers has made many Negroes obsessed with the rhetoric of white supremacy while conveniently ignoring the sheer violence that permeates our city streets. For example, in the month of May alone, the city of Baltimore had 38 homicides according to a recent article published by Fox News’ Perry Chiaramonte. Since Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave protesters carte blanche during the riots in April, local residents turned criminals have become embolden knowing the police are the last people to stand in their way.

“The criminals are taking advantage of the situation in Baltimore since the unrest,” Lt. Gene Ryan, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3, which represents officers in Baltimore, said in a statement provided to “Criminals feel empowered now. There is no respect. Police are under siege in every quarter. They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty.”

 As aforementioned above, the police’s main job in most of these modern urban cities of terror is to police you [us] however; if the police can’t perform they’re primary duty in neighborhoods filled with mothers like Toya Graham, who became mother of the year several months ago for “recusing” her son from participating in the Freddie Gray riots, the end result is more black on black crime equaling more black death. The mere mention of black crime is a big “no-no” in the black community not because of the actual tragic circumstances that stem from it; rather, it’s because other ethnicities—especially white people—do it too. They’ll tell you that whites commit crimes against whites and Asians commit crimes against other Asians etc. But I’m quick to tell them is that those other cultures don’t glorify, celebrate, or has a culture of violence aka “hood life” which is accompanied by rap lyrics that affirms them as being real niggas for committing such acts.

Speaking of rap lyrics and rappers, it seems to be a dangerously murderous trend for up in coming artist these days. Rappers Chinx and Young Pappi are the latest tragedies in a sub culture that has intoxicated the youth to embrace “savage life” through the popularity of “Drill Music” which many thought was a trend, has now become a staple in rap music no longer allowed to be bound to Chi-city. Unfortunately, it is this same city—Chicago—which continues to make headlines nearly every calendar holiday season due to its numerous shootings of the wounded and the deceased. This past Memorial Day, for example, Newsweek reported that at least 56 reported shot in Chicago’s violent Memorial Day Weekend. Bias is the African-American who can say their city is no different from any other city.


Black Death has engulfed and subjugated our so-called black community into a plague that could only be reminiscent of the European Plague. Reminiscent because our loyalty to the criminal and the debaucher, the violent and unruly, the elongated sickness that plague the heights of our community commonly called the ghetto. It is here were black elitist rises to the supremacy of blackness under the heel of white folk, but psychologically, above the minimalistic cognitive attention span of the average Negro. Black Death has become in its earliest infantry, nothing more than artistic letters and colorful life-like pictures or photos of individual people with sketches designed on t-shirts; to now trendy hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This plague has contaminated what most pro-blacks call “Mother Earth,” but that’s after the descension or the facilitated and orchestrated fall of the black man. The roles in traditional marriage and relationships have been reversed. Through social programming which produces socialist, communist even fascists thought; the black woman through her early foremothers siding with Marxists, feminist, welfare policies and values—aided by the failure of black fathers—created the epic anarchy which exist in your local black community.

What must be understood when trying to deal with the complexity of black Americans, is the dealing with this mentality of “being a real nigga” which permeated our local inner cities. For instance, we used to have ‘models’ of reverence and consistency. We had women and men, who we looked to as status quo or people we could resonate with. However, because the seed of ‘big momma’ was implanted in us like a seed, we have grown to nothing but the black woman running the family with the black man’s role being socially marginalized; and his authority practically obsolete. In 2015, you have black women being indoctrinated by the likes of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and others, spouting this “You don’t need a man,” (which is actually anti-man) for nothing, overly ambitious to the level where you actually want to be A MAN—but not it knowingly consciously.


hqdefault (1)

There’s a prodigious issue with our black women because not only have they adopted the role of “provider” but they have become unofficial leaders which makes them unqualified affirmers when it comes to our children. Affirmation and character (truly) comes from a father who loves, disciplines and encourages their children. However, black women have eaten from the tree of forbidden fruit, and she has become a competitor—not a companion–to the black man, an adversary rather than an ally. Degrees, feminist theory, government assistance, child support, and minimal opulence have consumed the mind of those who dashiki-wearing Negroes render as “queens.”

As uncomfortable as white people are in discussing structural racism and white privilege; such is the same when discussing the contentious black crime argument with Negroes. Yes, contentious argument because many blacks will point to its oppressor due to the racism and systematic racial oppression. Just recently film director Spike Lee made a reference to black crime with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. One must speculate and ask are blacks upset with what Lee said, or is it because he said it on a public ‘white’ platform? The platform is often bastion of criticism due the inferiority factor and the left right paradigm in politics (politricks) where many blacks often prefer the canon of white liberal rhetoric of encapsulating hundreds of years of racism. Tavis Smiley used to hold a summit called State of the Black Union; where he enlisted notable African-American scholars, speakers, teachers, politicians and entertainers; to discuss black progress and sanctity or in other words, “what do we need to do next.” The Negro has yet to test this hypothesis of ‘what to do next’ because the next has falls squarely on the individual first; then the collective—without the assistance of white folk. So while intellectual misfits speak on the ills on slavery, Jim Crow, Black Codes, redlining, mass-incarceration through the prison-industrial complex, the War on Drugs, police supplying guns in poor neighborhoods, and on and on and on. The blame whitey card gets minimized when the name of Kendal Fenwick is echoed from a rotten grave.

Police_call_murder_victim_Kendal_Fenwick_0_26610553_ver1.0_640_480 (1)

While many in black America rallied around a Missouri student who decided to starve himself because he and his peers felt they were ‘oppressed;’ the murder of Kendal Fenwick, gets swept under the rug. A known community activist, Fenwick died trying to protect his family of three; from the same ‘niggertivity’ most Negroes want to blame white folk for on a systematic premise. He was killed by drug dealers who were mad he built a fence to keep them away from him and his family. Brother Fenwick’s achievements and impact was reduced to a mere statistic as he became victim 295 of a 300 and counting murder rate this year in the city of Baltimore. I repeat; the same city that immortalized Freddie Gray as if he were Kendal Fenwick; is the same city that glorifies its petty hustlers. This nigga syndrome which has crippled the psychology of the American Negro mind; and has reproduced a legacy of excuses, victimization, self-hatred without self-actualization, from an oppressor whose shown his hand of supremacy by way of classicism; a weakened harnessed enemy who rather have a democratic liberal be its defense then going out on its own. Part two coming soon when I’ll deal with the new ‘Black Codes.’


Peace and Love y’all!

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The Mis-Education of The Bible: Negroland

Is Jesus Black 1

The term ‘mis-education’ has been tossed around since the days of the historical, intellectual, brilliancy of  Carter G. Woodson, right down to the contemporary musical genius of Lauryn Hill. The American Negro has been constantly catching up with his undiscovered past and hidden heritage concealed by white and black religious authority. This is why there is no comprehensive study about the American Negro at your prominent, prestigious, theological seminary; except for how missionaries and abolitionist rescued and fought for American blacks emancipation. Nevertheless, white theologians have yet to discuss not only the history of the black church, but the cultural importance; the historical ‘black’ significance detailed in the scriptures; and the rise and fall of this social institution. The white Jesus template only did nothing but reinforce a white superiority construct; which still remains in the psyche of many African-American parishioners

For those of the contrary who may say it’s not the white man’s job to disseminate information about the black church, it’s culture and history; then for heaven’s sake why do they do such a good job of discarding it?  How come even in Hollywood , when they make a biblical theatrical release, the characters doesn’t reflect the persons in the bible? How many times will the Moses character be played by a white man? I’m not even going to go there with the “bleaching” of the Christ roles throughout the years. At any rate, just the mere mentioning of a ‘colored’ biblical character especially the person of Christ, will get side-eyes, stares, even some Florida Evans Negro, confronting you like you’re a disgrace to the blind religious ancestors.

I’m posting this sermon because it is critical that black people wake up. I wasn’t one to claim the Hebrew heritage, but it is becoming increasing important that many of us discover who we are–or at least might be–as a people. No, I don’t believe that being Hebrew will ultimately save you in the context of salvation; however, to know that you might belong to an ancestry which has a book/religion that contains the most controversial figure in modern times–Jesus–just cannot be simply ignored. I challenge you to watch this video by Pastor Stephen Darby from Destined Ministries and let me know what you think; and if you’re mind has been changed from this so-called ‘white man’s religion.’ Be on the lookout for many more blogs/articles I will be writing to debunk this faulty assimilation about the bible, the white man, and the American Negro.

For information about Pastor Darby go to:



Raven Symone Said What?! (Again)

THE VIEW - Cristela Alonzo (ABC's

Once again the Negro community is up in arms about the recent comments made by the eccentric former child star Raven Symone. In a segment on the barely watchable show called The View, Symone did what she shouldn’t have done (give her opinion) about a list of “ghetto names” and since the taping there’s been a fury in black community ever since. To be fair, the non-black, black woman actress has been making headlines since arrival on the show from making outlandish comments referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as an animal, Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the U.S. currency, and she doesn’t want to be labeled gay, lesbian or as an African-American. Symone, who is approaching her 30’s, has decided to align herself with the new-age, millennial crowd which consists of cultural-Marxists ideas and beliefs in pursuit of a better America where racism, sexism, and classism no longer exists. Negro, please. In this latest episode of quote the Raven nevermore, Symone explains why she wouldn’t hire someone with the name “Watermelondrea.”

The media backlash got so bad (mainly from Twitter) that her father Christopher B. Pearman, decided to come to his daughters defense. Here is an open letter from his Facebook page:

To My Dear Friends,

There has been much talk today about my daughters comments on her show The View. People have been hitting me up all night questioning me about her remarks. Let me say this……I haven’t managed Ravens career in over 10 years. This woman is grown, has her own management team, has her own opinions, right or wrong, and is responsible for her own words and actions. A woman wrote to me tonight and said she couldn’t support my book because of the words of my daughter. What she fails to realize is that my book is about teaching your child to believe and achieve. Raven has achieved incredible success, and this cannot be denied!

Children grow up and become influenced by many things, situations and people. I certainly don’t agree with what she said….but she is damn near thirty years old. She’s a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes. We all have been guilty of this.

I did my best as her father, mentor and career manager. I believe I did a Wonderful job. Aside from this inexcusable gaffe, her 29 years in the entertainment industry has been quite successful, for there have been only an Elite Few Child Stars to last this long and have little to no controversy. For this, I am Very Proud!

Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being.I should know. Her Mother and I Love her Very much and will always support her and have her back. Even if sometimes……….she says some dumb S#%T!

To see Raven and our families story go to:

Since the ‘gaffe’ remarks made by the former Cheetah Girls star; Symone has since recanted in a statement saying her “comment was made in poor taste; and she’s an equal opportunity employer and has never discriminated against anyone.” Okay black America, lend me your ears. Although what Raven said was indeed in poor taste, but how many quote on quote ‘ghetto’ names do we come across on the regular? How many Laquandra’s, Shaquilia’s, or Negroes named after automobiles (Lexus, Mercedes) have you encountered and immediately though to yourself, “These parents are taking this name creativity way too far.” We laughed and made Sha Nay Nay (played by Martin Lawrence) famous. It was nearly two years ago when a fight video went viral with the name ‘Sharkeisha No,’ from an actual girl named Sharkeisha (Shark+eisha)!“>

While I’m sure Raven Symone has beyond earned her first class ticket abroad the fictitious ‘Coon Train’;(according to y’all) however, what she said about ghetto names wasn’t too far off. I get the fact that no one should discriminate against anyone based on their name; however, in reality it happens more often than we realize. In addition, your name says a lot about you so when it comes to naming your children, Leslie sounds a whole lot better than LeShaniqua. One means “devoted to God” and the other means, well, you get my point. Peace and love y’all.

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From Patrick Kane to Kevin Durant: Why Stephen A. Just Can’t Win


“You don’t want to make an enemy out of me.”

Needless to say, last week was a very eventful one for Mr. Stephen A. Smith. After responding to Kevin Durant’s comments about him being a “liar” and that he “makes up stories;” Smith took his national program on Monday ESPN2’s First Take; and delivered what many has considered a “personal threat” towards the basketball star. Smith’s lengthy diatribe made him an instant trending topic on social media via the Twitter. As expected, there were some cheers, but there were also many, many jeers.

Now while agree that Stephen A. was a bit out of line by, oh I guess, “threatening” former league MVP Kevin Durant; what I couldn’t understand (even though I should) the so-called black communities response towards Smith. They were acting like the First Take co-star was using his public platform to (in their eyes) go after another black man just for his employer’s aka ‘whitey’s enjoyment.’ Many considered his actions as ‘cooning’ and he wouldn’t dare do that to a white person; mainly the white person in question is fellow colleague, Michelle Beadle. See it was Beadle whose distraught comments exploded on Twitter during a First Take episode last year surrounding the Ray Rice domestic violence case and was upset with Smith’s choice of words.

Michelle Beadle ✔ @MichelleDBeadle

So I was just forced to watch this morning’s First Take. A) I’ll never feel clean again B) I’m now aware that I can provoke my own beating.

12:39 PM – 25 Jul 2014

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Even though Beadle broke company policy by going after another colleague on Twitter; Smith nevertheless was reprimanded and suspended for a week which included a rather “I need to save my job,” Carl Thomas-like, emotional apology. This came at a time when (feminist) woman’s rights groups were demanding tougher penalties towards athletes i.e. mostly the “Negroes” in professional sports most notably in the NFL. So while many Stephen A. detractors in the black community are using this incident against him when it comes to Kevin Durant; how soon they forget that we’re living in a P.C. society and for the sake of Stephen’s career; he had no choice but to apologize. Unfortunately, there are certain social-political groups that unless you have your own platform and is financed independently; you just can’t just address everyone—the way you might want to–all the time. It is no different than going to your employer and thinking you can just spout off at the mouth towards your boss; when you know darn well the repercussions will land you in the unemployment line. Still, black folks argue that Smith is allowed or only goes off on black people; and says nothing towards white [athletes’] people. Now before I go on, I must confess that Mr. Smith has made some rather unfavorable criticisms towards those of the black community. Those “criticisms” are as such because as many blacks will tell you its “white supremacist talking points,” that are often used by mostly conservative news networks in the media. Smith even received backlash when he agreed with Dallas Maverick’s billionaire owner, Mark Cuban; who was noted for making some uncomfortable remarks regarding the circumstances involving prejudice and race. This inevitably led to a showdown with accomplished author, scholar, and lecturer, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

So is Stephen A. really the “Uncle Tom” that some black people have made him out to be? Is he really afraid to go after white athletes with the same fervor and eagerness as he does with black ones? Allow me to introduce to you one of the NHL’s brightest and most celebrated stars. He was the number one draft pick overall in 07’; and is a 3-time Stanley Cup Champion for the World Champion Chicago Blackhawks: his name is Patrick Kane. If you haven’t really heard of him well maybe because you’re not really into the NHL, sports or maybe, just maybe, because the mainstream media hasn’t plastered his name so ubiquitously like say uh, if he were black? Now some of you might take umbrage or think I’m trying to race bait; however, I can assure you I’m not—just painting a picture. Stephen A. on his eponymous radio show on Mad Dog Sports Radio; also decided to paint a picture as well. However, with the nickname of “Screaming Steven A.;” let’s just say his artistic, verbal, prowess, led him to paint the situation with a broad brush.

“-We’ve got an nation of people in an uproar when a handful of dudes, stupidly, egregiously, reprehensibly, involve themselves in a domestic issue—fair enough; deal with them. But we have white players; some foreign; some domestic; in the National Hockey League, getting involved in such issues; and there’s no uproar?”

For the rest of Stephen A.’s fiery rant, go to this link:

Smith calls out several organizations and sports leagues, such as N.O.W., The PGA, The ATP, The NHL and its Commissioner, Gary Bettman; who according to Smith, has better things to do then create a domestic violence policy because he believes his players “should know how to behave themselves.” The reason why I bring attention to this matter is because Stephen A. has spent years—20 and counting—defending the black athlete. Even to the chagrin of his various listeners, colleagues, and others in his industry who routinely labels him as being as a racist, race-baiting, loudmouth; who has even been compared to Civil Rights Activist, Rev. Al Sharpton. Trust me when I tell you it wasn’t in such a flattering way either.

In spite of his sundry of critics; he is quick to let everyone in America know without any hesitation that he’s a proud black man straight out of Hollis, Queens, NY. It is this same pride you will find emanating throughout his work as a former journalist, columnist, and currently as a t.v/radio personality which makes him unafraid to put up his credentials against anyone—which leads me back to Kevin Durant. Durant, along with several other notable African-American athletes, has often been very sensitive, critical, and aloof towards the media lately. It was just this past February, when Durant as Smith notes was “undressing” the media using Durant’s own words. “You guys really don’t know (expletive)…To be honest, man, I’m only here talking to y’all because I have to,” said the 6-time NBA All-Star. This was approximately around the same time when another superstar athlete—Marshawn Lynch—and his constant retorts to the media, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” became the most talked about story during the week of the Super Bowl outside of the Deflate Gate scandal. Of course, this was much to the dismay of Smith; who didn’t agree with Lynch’s actions and thought he really should have been fined.

While many contest that Smith is doing nothing but insulting another black man for his white bosses; many are missing Smith’s point. Smith claim is that Durant not only attacked his credibility as a journalist, but his character as a man by referring to Smith as a liar.

“I sit here today incredibly offended by the personal attack that this man has put against me. Even in the midst of all of that; let me tell you something Skip Bayless: Kevin Durant is a good dude. His family is wonderful, he’s wonderful, there’s nothing negative I have to say about this person as a human being. I am addressing what he said about me; I am not attacking Kevin Durant…”

Although Smith probably could have shortened his diatribe (among other things) this was the crux of Smith’s issue with Durant—something most of his detractors seemed to miss or just didn’t care to acknowledge. While Dr. Boyce Watkins (who I respect) may have labeled Durant’s and Smith’s beef a “plantation fight,” this isn’t the first time Smith has had to give a public response to another black athlete live on air. I’ma say it again. This isn’t the first time Smith has had to give a public response to an athlete on his show First Take. Back in 2012, former Steelers’ safety Ryan Clark was a guest correspondent during a segment surrounding the media criticism and reactions from athletes. Clark had made mention of Smith stating that athletes “wished they had his [Smith’s] job and they can’t articulate like him.” Not only did Clark mentioned that he had tweeted Stephen A. that he was qualified for his job; but that his hairline wasn’t pushed back. Notwithstanding, Stephen A. responded by letting Ryan Clark know what he could kiss.

While Stephen A. maybe an undaunted and unapologetic personality both on air and on social media; he might want to consider an exit strategy—and soon. He may not “run away from any damn body” but he might seriously need to invest in himself (as a proprietor) and establish an independent platform with subscribing listeners; or switch to another media broadcast brand altogether. And no, it’s not so he won’t have to suffer his “Negro Moment” for being what Dr. Watkins calls Smith’s position as a “propped-up Negro; rather because of the growing rumors of occupational uncertainty regarding ESPN anchors. With a reputation with letting go its best and brightest (and often most controversial); the sports leader let go two of its most celebrated and talented voices—Bill Simmons and Colin Cowherd—in the same calendar year [2015]. ESPN has also been known to cater to social-political groups (i.e. the far right) which make watching future programming on this network extremely difficult because of political correctness. It was political correctness that allowed Michelle Beadle not to be punished by her employer; AND which caused Stephen A. to recant his “provocation” remark when it comes to victims of domestic violence.

Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith was probably the last time Smith was considered a ‘brother’ or kept it ‘real’ in the eyes of many African-Americans. Though the show last a few seasons, it was a monumental step for the network at the time which allowed Smith to interview some of the most intriguing guest not just in the arena of sports and entertainment; but he provided a platform to many unknown black journalist and writers. These days it is the “keeping it real” factor that has placed Stephen A. in the same category of the likes of the Raven Symone’s of the world; and my personal retort to black people who believe that is: You’re so disrespectful. It is because Stephen A. refuses to be a part of the Negro groupthink monolith; and because he refuses to back down when it comes to defending the black athlete to the disdain to white folks–he gets attacked by the naysayers. So while his haters may accuse him of being a sell-out on one hand; or a proverbial race baiter on the other. One thing you can’t take from him is his loyalty to his people, the redeeming power of us as American blacks, and his unrelenting willingness to defend the African-American athlete–even if he is censorious sometimes. Peace and love everyone.

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“The Negro Homo-Shame”



Before you even begin to think this article is going to be filled with disparagingly, unfavorable, remarks towards the people in the LGBT community; I would strongly advise you to be like Brand Nubian and “Slow Down.” As a matter of fact, if you’re taking the time to read this article (thank you btw!) what I have to address might just be for you. As a social commentator, blogger, and future author, I run across all kinds of different trends, styles, and stay up-to-date on current social and political events. If I read an article or watch a video that interest me, I immediately give my honest (and sometimes informed) opinion and I keep it moving like U-Haul trucks. And of course you’ll have people who will like what you’ve said, question what you’ve said, or disagree with what you’ve said. All of the three, I am completely…

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“Hillary Clinton, #BlacklivesMatter, & Why We Still Don’t Get It”

imagesI must inform you that as a black man, African, Igbo, Negro, whatever! I do not support the #blacklivesmatter movement. It’s not because I don’t care about the plight of African-Americans in this country or our overall well-being. Perish the thought. I just believe that we cannot say black lives matter until black lives actually matter to black people. I often envy my Mother’s childhood whenever she would have one of those, “I remember way back when,” conversations with me usually around the holidays or when I would volunteer doing some yardwork relaxing on the porch swing once we’d finished. “You know, we never had to worry about locking our doors; not the car door, the front door, nothing–even at night.” I used to cut in during these moments of dreaminess I perceived she was having just for laughs; however, since it brought such blissfulness to her soul just to tell me her childhood during the late 60’s and early 70’s; I just listened only to envision a time she said black America was “still good.” Now this is the point when the melody from that Ahmad record has just stopped. **record scratched** Enter (among many others) the social media warriors known as the #blacklivesmatter movement. A group who was outed several months ago for being funded by “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country;” according to Human Events, billionaire financier George Soros. Soros’ borderline extremist group has been very busy making headlines (though they may think its headways) the past few weeks starting in Seattle where they shutdown (?) Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders; and somehow has managed to get up close in personal with Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Unlike the platform hijacking, rambunctious, Negro women who may have thought their valiant efforts mirrored that of the late Fannie Lou Hamer; this encounter with Clinton was much more genteel, respectable, and much more mannerly.

“So what do you want me to do about it?” Imagine if this would have been the former FLOTUS snarky response after the young man’s insightful spiel. He confronted the former Senator about her [Clinton] acknowledging the fact that mass incarcerations from a long history of government practices; has become an unfortunate consequence affecting African-Americans. He continues his colloquy by mentioning “anti-blackness” being a founding problem, America’s first drug was free black labor, and ‘in no uncertain way’ held Clinton partially responsible for those unfortunate government practices (mostly mass incarcerations). Now before I go on, I must state a few things. First of all, this young man is correct when talking about the mass incarceration issue that has exclusively targeted African-American men disproportionately in this country. As the video shows, it was Hillary Clinton who lobbied for lawmakers to back the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act—which her husband signed into law in 1994. It was the largest crime bill in history which provided $9.7 billion in prison funding; again the video shows this. Now I’m no Democrat nor do I have any political affiliations whatsoever; however, if this guy is going to point the blame at Hillary and her husband’s administration, my question for him is who voted for him? I mean, if he’s so moved about these unfortunate consequences of these lengthy “government practices,” well who’s been voting primarily Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson? Also, since we’re talking about those “practices” aka government policies, whatt about those welfare policies that kicked the man out of the home? If black lives really mattered then wouldn’t we start at wanting to fix its greatest crisis—not police brutality—but the black family? Just like he asked Hillary, I would ask him has his heart changed towards not only these practices, but voting for the same political party that has done nothing for us? Oh how the liberals have taught them so well!

Clinton finally responds to these black lives characters by schooling them about how the political process is actually done. She stated that although the young man’s analysis was fair historically, psychologically and economically; however, they need to come together as a group and have a plan of action. As Mrs. Clinton states:

“Because you can get lip service from as many white people you can pack em’ into Yankee Stadium and a million more like it; who are going to say, ‘we get it, we get it,’ we’re going to be nicer.” “That’s not enough, at least in my book…”

In so many ways she told them instead of making white Americans feel guilty by insinuating them as “sinner’s” by using reverse racism (how ridiculous) you need to have some common grounds to make ‘everyone’ feel better. In other words, neither she nor the Democratic Party wants to address your “anti-black” problem. Maybe this is why the #blacklivesmatter movement is led predominantly by black women who, although may use police brutality in regards to the Mike Brown’s and Eric Garner’s of the world; but in reality it’s nothing less than a front because they’re real intentions are more aligned with the current gender specific issues which affect them directly; so oddly enough they can compare their struggle with the Women’s Liberation and Civil Rights movement of the past.

So in closing, FLOTUS in so many words told not only #blacklivesmatter but black people as a whole that she doesn’t nor has her husband Bill, has ever had a plan of action when dealing with Negroes; except for keeping us where many of us are at as a people—a permanent underclass. Even though (in my opinion) I strongly believe even if we were to enable the funds necessary to control some of these politicians in one way or another; I believe our issues as African-Americans still wouldn’t be addressed in its totality or entirety it deserves. So instead of asking social-political corporate heads like Hillary Clinton about how she feels about what her and her husband’s administration and its effects on black people of the past; why don’t you at least take her advice and do what the gays, the women, and proponents of the so-called Civil Rights movement has done?  But wait a minute, you can’t; because you’re being influenced, brainwashed, and manipulated by the same leftist party who continues to use black folk like guinea pigs. Just glad this isn’t biology class. Let me know what you think.

Peace and love y’all.